Sep. 5th, 2011

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*shovel papers*

So-called "relationshandlingar" for some railway tunnels -- what has been made, where, how much and in what way. Papers papers papers.

Otherwise there will be a lot of walking around railroads in mid-Sweden this autumn. We were at Karlstad last week, looking at two cute tunnels and some railroad cuttings. Beautiful weather, lots of fresh air and exercise. And we get paid for it!

Too bad about the head-cold, though. And camping out this weekend didn't really help, nor the canoeing. But it was fun! Good company (yes, it was the company), good food, more beautiful weather and some mushrooms too.

Just two days of work this week, then I go back to Orust to help my Mother while my Father has minor surgery again. The operation he had in spring was a little too successful... And next week I'll be going to Ludvika for more railway work. There are several "bandelar" in Dalarna to look at; maybe I'll be able to say hello to [info]tommdroid too! I'd love that.

Plus I've been assigned to sell off my late uncle's collection of ironing irons (strykjärn) and scales (bessman). Any ideas? There are several auctioning firms, both RL and internet ones, as well as and similar. Also Antikhallarna, but then we'd have to lug it all down to Gbg. We're not talking one or two irons here, or even five or six...

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