Dec. 12th, 2011

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Just read my latest entry... hm, where did all the line breaks go? Impossible to read! Sorry, it wasn't meant to be an exercise in joycianism.

Anyway, after a week of relative rest it was back on the track last week! This time we went to Oskarshamn on the other side of Sweden, for a look at a short bit of track with very few trains. Only they'll be resuming passenger services now, today in fact, which is very unusual. Otherwise the norm is to cancel services.

Anyway, this last bit of inspection we got to use what we have always wanted to use: a railbike. Awesome! You get along quickly and easily and can even do mapping/inspecting without getting off it. When trains are due, you can easily lift it off the track. Plus it's fun! We even got some good publicity shots of us, posing under a gibbous moon.

Not quite as fun driving home through a blizzard at night, though... At times it was like driving through foam, in some 2nd Doctor adventure. Really nasty. We were doing something like 50 on a 120 km/hr motorway...

And now I have finally made Christmas cookies and watched "Sällskapsresan". The Yule season is thus officially inaugurated. But mostly I just watch and read various versions of Sherlock Holmes. Oh yes, and "Captain Alatriste" and another book by Pérez-Reverte, called "Dumasklubben" in Swedish. That was a really good book. Hopefully we will be able to find some more good books at the shikar on Saturday. You know, hunting the book in its natural habitat.

Oh yes, and we had a Christmas dinner thingy with Club Cosmos last week. Cold but nice. But here's a fun thing: at that meeting in Stockholm two Saturdays ago we discussed the possibility of a SF convention in Umeå and everyone got really excited about it. What a brilliant idea! Let's make it so right away! Then I came home and told the active members in Club Cosmos and was met by a unanimous and immediate "No!" Hm, seems we aren't very keen to broaden our horizons here... What a bunch of wet blankets!

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