Feb. 17th, 2012

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Much better weather now for going out to look at rocks, than yesterday when it started to snow/rain. Bleh. So I went down to the cellar to try to bring order to the mess that is laughably called our archive. Haha, what sane person would put an archive next to a lumber factory? So much wood dust everywhere, including inside my lungs...

Also I got to type ut another batch of comments on legal proceedings. "When you ordered this job, you said it would cost this much to make your tunnel. It didn't, now pay us lots more!" "No, you didn't do the work right, _you_ pay for your own shoddy workmanship." "No way, we'll call in our lawyers!" "Fine!" "Fine!" ... and so on. This is the current best practice in all major construction works in Sweden these days, sadly. The big contractors call in their legal departments to prepare the claims even before work has started. And you wonder why public works are so expensive?

Anyway, lots of typing, and then there is stuff for ET to type as well. Oh, and this text!

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