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Boy, it's long since I wrote here! Indeed, it's long since I read my friends-page too, not since I visited [info]tommdroid last month, I think. Too much to do, too much laziness when not working -- or having fun.

There's been railroad inspections around Falun, and last week between Frövi and Skinnskatteberg (pronounced "Skinnsberg" by the locals). On Wednesday we go to Borlänge to inspect railroads around Mora and Malung and whatnot. Next week it's back to Skinnsberg-Fagersta-Avesta.

Inbetween there has been the ambulating Sci-Fi Fair, at which I represented Mithlond (at WCT's table), right next to Robert Englund in fact, although he was separated from us by a big partition. If there had been a whole in it I could have poked him. Two days of being friendly and representative, and buying two Daleks, one of them remote controlled. Yes, I now have a toy that can roll up to you and shout "Exterminate!" and several other offensive phrases!

Also there was Mithlond's big Autumn Feast, with lots of packing, washing-up and drinks. The Saturday started with delicious breakfast, immediately followed by chocolate tasting, whisky tasting and beer tasting. After that, time to be official, ha ha.

Finally some rest this weekend, with cats and parents. I slept till 1100hr on Saturday, I think I was very sleepy.


Skinnskatteberg -- I'm certain it was frequently on TV in my childhood. Something to do with workers' rights or women's lib or something generally sociological, probably. I've been meaning to look it up on the 'net but neglected it. Too much Wordfeud. Can anyone else remember?


While waiting for pizza in Falun I bought a copy of "Scientific American" to read, and I'm still reading it almost 3 weeks later... But in it there was an article about why bio-fuels won't supplant fossil fuels any time soon, or at all. Fr'instance, replacing fossil fuels consumed in America with corn fuels would take a farm 3 times the size of continental USA. Not feasible.

But I see a flaw in the reasoning: all estimates posit a level of consumption equal to today's. We must _not_, ever ever ever, cut down on our consuming and our spending! The very thought is blasphemous! All economic theories and prognoses need continued growth which equals increasing consumption of, well, everything.

Might it not be better to try to wean ourselves off oil, before the oil-based economy crashes and burns? Explodes, like the fireballs in a Roland Emmerich movie!
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