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I'm spending new-year's in #lexx, which seems the safest place to be right now. The fireworks schedule outside is like this: increasing strenght until 2000 when dinner is served. Renewed activity when dinner has been eaten, from about 2130 to 2300 when the kiddies have been sent to bed. The last lull while grown-ups fortify themselves with lots of alcohol and then the midnight storm breaks loose.

Just recently some jokers burnt off fireworks -- the sprakly, non-shooty-up-in-the-sky sort -- right below my window. This is scary since I live in a wooden house and also I don't want explosives going off inside my flat. Please desist. Fireworks should be enjoyed from a distance, like the annual G-P display at 1700, which this year looked like a cheap CG alien invasion battle, on account of the dense fog swallowing all the rockets. The underside of the knee-height cloud was lit up a bit, and there was an effect like the "Stargate" transporter rings. What a swindle! But the bangs were loud.

So, #lexx is the safest place to be right now.

(Did I just write that?!)
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