Jul. 10th, 2017 08:52 am
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 That's weird, no new "Doctor Who" to download today. I really liked this last Capaldi-season and am sorry to see him go. He's been among my very favourite actors some 35yr now and can always be counted on to deliver. Even better when he has good writing to work with!
The current tick-score this season is: 3. Two from Nyköping, one from somewhere in west Sweden, where I was driven around all last week to look at railway rock cuttings. Tuesday became a 14hr workday, oy. But we saw much om this part of Sweden, very pretty.
At the latest big Tolkien do in May I innocently signed up for minor management duty at this summer's Worldcon in Finland. Now I worry it will mean sitting in the same room all five days... That's not what I counted on when I bought the tickets!
This last week I've developed a sudden obsession, brought on by trying to notice the small things in life our eyes always pass over, like lamp post decorations, grafitti and roof ornaments. And now: manhole covers! Once you start noticing them they are everywhere and in a great number och shapes and sizes. But it's a bit embarrassing standing in the middle of the road and pointing the phone at them. I try to look like I'm perusing a map, or maybe doing that poke-thing that was all the rage last year.

Date: 2017-07-22 02:26 am (UTC)
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Manhole covers ... Cool!!! I recall seeing some with lovely designs on them in older neighbourhoods when I lived in Ontario ... twining vines and flowers and heraldic crests and other interesting images. The ones out here are rather boring-looking though due to lack of generations and missing out on the artisan phase of development; Alberta is so "new" that that anything more than fifty years old is considered ancient ... I was astounded the first time I went into an antique store and they were selling items made from plastic (definitely plastic, not celluloid ... it was Tupperware)

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