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*shovel papers*

So-called "relationshandlingar" for some railway tunnels -- what has been made, where, how much and in what way. Papers papers papers.

Otherwise there will be a lot of walking around railroads in mid-Sweden this autumn. We were at Karlstad last week, looking at two cute tunnels and some railroad cuttings. Beautiful weather, lots of fresh air and exercise. And we get paid for it!

Too bad about the head-cold, though. And camping out this weekend didn't really help, nor the canoeing. But it was fun! Good company (yes, it was the company), good food, more beautiful weather and some mushrooms too.

Just two days of work this week, then I go back to Orust to help my Mother while my Father has minor surgery again. The operation he had in spring was a little too successful... And next week I'll be going to Ludvika for more railway work. There are several "bandelar" in Dalarna to look at; maybe I'll be able to say hello to [info]tommdroid too! I'd love that.

Plus I've been assigned to sell off my late uncle's collection of ironing irons (strykjärn) and scales (bessman). Any ideas? There are several auctioning firms, both RL and internet ones, as well as and similar. Also Antikhallarna, but then we'd have to lug it all down to Gbg. We're not talking one or two irons here, or even five or six...
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The music goes very well with my wallpaper, which is... a lot of stars.

Not so outside my window. Once again I'm glad I have work clothes here at the office, so my civilian clothes can dry out. Sheesh what a lot of rain! Sudden downpours turning into up-splashes.

Now the old "Sherlock Holmes" TV series is finished, and I've turned back to "Green Wing". Haha, so funny! But the Special I watched last night was quite sad at the end, and even less connected to reality than the rest of the show. What should I watch next, then? "Hyperdrive"? The rest of "Nicholas Nickleby" (the old stage production from 1980)? Or something really good, "Secret Army"? These are just a few of the shows I've got waiting by my DVD player!

Or I could read a book.

Or possibly go back to Orust and pet cats.

idling away

Aug. 3rd, 2011 01:38 pm
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Marking time at the office, nothing much to do, all alone... I'm sitting in someone else's room so I can answer the phone if anyone should call...

... so I'm taking this opportunity to read up on [info]egghunter's Chernobyl project. Fascinating, scary and heart-breaking, all in one. Can't wait for the exhibition to start.

Also bbc world service on the speakers. Later, a meeting with Club Cosmos; hey, maybe I should check up on our finances so I have something to report! *checks internet bank services*

Otherwise it's Sherlock Holmes on TV, Sherlock Holmes on radio and Sherlock Holmes on the printed page. And I'm not even being obsessive!
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"Torchwood" in the offing, tea and Charles Fort waiting to be enjoyed in the sofa (oh!), the full oeuvre of Gamma Ray in the music machine -- all that's missing is a cat or two, but since I'm back home now I'll have to survive on previously absorbed catamins.


Jul. 28th, 2011 04:43 pm
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The forest is full of berries -- because no one dares to pick them after the latest health scare: all berries in west sweden are full of pygmy tapeworms, eat one berry and your liver will explode and you will diiiiie!

So anyone wants to make raspberry jam, jelly or pie, in which process the parasites will be killed, now is your field day!


Still liking the latest "Torchwood", but there is something where both it and "Doctor Who" are less than good: both shows would benefit from _not_ having wall-to-wall music, especially not an easy listening beat during the most dramatic or deepest moments, like Oswald Danes' creepy speech in the latest episode. That sort of thing has bothered me more than once before. Especially in "Torchwood" which doesn't need to "soften" the scary parts for the kiddies.


Been petting two cats at the same time :) They spent their first night outdoors now; I thought they would have lost all trust in us then and not want to be with us anymore. Bianca doesn't want to come inside and has stopped being ultra-friendly. But hey, if they don't want to come inside at night, that's what happens!
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I'm literally sickened of the atrocities in Norway. Almost 100 ppl killed, too much to take in.

So it's a relief to talk to sane ppl, first at Bohus fästning and the medieval fair yesterday, and later at a pub downtown. It was extra fun that [personal profile] therru was there, it's been far too long. Love the geeking-out.

More "Sherlock Holmes" from 1953-4 -- pundits in books claim it is a silly version and its Watson does not acquit himself well, but I like it. It has considerable charm and the two leads work very well together. So there! Pundits hardly ever agree with me, anyway.
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After two days with the new cats, it's very clear that it is cats who domesticate humans, not the other way around. Leaving them today, I went all *lump in throat*. They got their hooks and claws right under my skin!

Arvid is three years old, a bit of a bully and _solid_. When he first saw the Big Outdoors he took off with a speed I've never seen in a cat before. Bliss!

Bianca is two and the cutest, slimmest thing you ever had curling around your legs or purring on your stomach. The first thing she did when being let outdoors was hunt -- until she saw how big it all was and got very scared. Didn't take long for her to bring home her first prey, though: a butterfly, that she took into the kitchen and ate, noisily.

Today the discovered torrential rain, and expressed dislike, loudly.

And now I'm home again, catless. Well at least I don't have to worry, close-up as it were, about them not learning in time that Cars Are Dangerous, as are barrels full of rainwater, and that badgers should not be approached.


Weird stuff happening in Oslo. Why? How come? Who would want to blow up Norwegians, and shoot them?


Jul. 11th, 2011 05:33 pm
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I found it! This is the British thriller with the haunting theme tune, that I mistook for "The Edge of Darkness": "Spyship".
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Our local watering-hole, SF-bokhandeln (science fiction bookstore), has this last week celebrated its ten-year anniversary in Gothenburg. (That means it was brand new during Lexx-o-Rama 2001!) There have been events at the store, including Skype interviews with famous writers. On Saturday, several dressing-up societies were invited to help create atmosphere; Mithlond and the 501st Legion answered the call. So there were Hobbits and Stormtroopers giving the holidaymakers embarrassed smiles as they passed by. Well, most of them wanted to be photographed with Lord Vader and various troopers, who must have sweated horribly in the sunshine...

But yesterday, wow, the main event for die-hard geeks! Ola had rented a plex at Biopalatset, where he showed the full Branney&Leman HPLHS oeuvre, from a not-too-embarrassing student film from 1988 based on "The Statement of Randolph Carter", via the mockumentary about a failed production of "A Shoggoth on the Roof", "The Call of Cthulhu" which still is fantastic given the non-budget -- and the secret bonus film!

This one mustn't be named, at least not until its offical Swedish release. We were given strict instructions to say we saw it in Copenhagen if we _must_ give the title. I'll just point to the HPLHS site and leave it nameless. It was slicker than "Cthulhu" but could have benefitted from its length, tightening the story. It was a Mythoscope talkie, but the action ending seemed more 1950s fright fest than 1930s noir. Still, it had Charles Fort in it! I'm reading Fort even as we speak... well not at this actual moment of typing, but you know what I mean.

Ola then hinted at the possibility of more Lovecraftian film horrors in the future. Excellent! I laughed maniacally all the way home through the sudden downpour.


And then I saw "Torchwood: Miracle Day" episode one, the American version. Yay, "Hanteringen av odöda" Russell Davies-style! I liked it.


I'm also watching an old "Sherlock Holmes" TV series, with Ronald Howard as Holmes and H Marion Crawford as Watson (if "Marion" isn't embarrassing I wonder what horrible name "H" stand for, "Hilda"?). In the second episode I realised I've seen this before, probably when I was a kid in the 70s. Very familiar. The first three episodes were very good, Watson forceful and putting up with no nonsense from Holmes, but then the fourth episode was quite... bad. Hope that was an exception or the remaining 36 episodes will be just painful.

More Holmes in the offing, as the one glance at Amazon to buy an "ID4" novelisation about the early work of Dr Okun turned into quite a shopping binge. Yes, we gathered to see that classic movie, now 15 years old, on the fourth of July. Hamburgers, American beer and whisky, and some very harmless fireworks too. But we did _not_ go quietly at all!

Also, Bill Pullman is in the new "Torchwood", haha. Quite creepy he was too...
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Another death in the family: one of my uncles died yesterday. Not completely unexpected, he had been ill for several years, but still very unwelcome. Apparently he had a heart attack and keeled over, a good way to go I expect.

Both my father and I had thought about him the other day, strangely enough.

He was rather weird, a WWII-geek if you like, with grenades as special interest. He knew lots of stuff and was widely known in his areas of interest, but not at all formally schooled or anything like that. When I was young and visited my grandparents, we used to sit up late and talk about all sorts of things, and he took me to airshows and military events. Didn't see much of him in later years, though, the last time was in July last year. He was 75.
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I hate being the kind of neighbour that only complains. Can't I say something nice to my fellow housies? No, not when they smoke indoors or keep having discos every night!

Yesteray I made an enemy of my left-hand neighbour, the one with the bad taste in music. I passed by her open window and saw her sitting smoking in it, and decided to ask her not to. The upshot being that I was mentally retarded for not understanding that she is fully in her right to do whatever she pleases in her own flat and doesn't have to go outside to smoke. Hold on, she'll have to turn the music down to hear me. What? No, she works nights so she doesn't play loud music in the evening, apparently.



Fortunately I had to go catch a bus (to a meeting I was already late for, I found out a few mintues later), or I would have really started working myself up. So, if she has every right to smoke indoors, polluting the air for the rest of us, then by the same logic _I_ have every right to do whatever _I_ like, without any respect for _her_ or anyone else. Riiiiiiight.

So it's joss-stick and incense time.

And music every day.

Before I left I asked her could she please not play her music so loudly, and yes of course she could. So the music right now is just as loud as usual, but at least not _even more so_, which is what I would have expected of her.

Oh, and after that exposé the other day of how the cosmetic injections industry in Sweden is completely unregulated, and poor suffering girls have had their lips hurt by incompetent injectors, I have now seen my first very-clearly injected set of lips. Yes, she looked just like I imagined her from her lousy music!


*thinks hard of that line in the Lord's prayer: forgive us as we forgive others etc*

*forced calm breathing*

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I have "Bronto Berglin", coffee and, soon, a brand new "Dr Who". Aaaah... Yesterday was Star Treff, laundry day, and apparently no end-of-the-world. And I get to have weekend on my own, the first one in five weeks, yay!

dr who

May. 16th, 2011 08:59 am
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Wheee, that was brilliant! "Zagreus" with a disco beat -- no wait, that's my neighbour playing her so-called music at max volume. Anyway, wheee!
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For the last two weeks, almost, I've been with my parents, or rather with one parent or the other, as my father had an operation and I nursed my mother through it. Well, not so much nursing, but keeping her company and keeping an eye on her, dispensing medicines etc. A short break with two days' work and then back to mow the lawn as my father is still convalescing. No strenuous lifting or pushing!

Now I feel I'm entitled to some whisky and "Dr Who", or maybe the Berglins 1999-2008 collection, or why not the jaw-dropping documentary I'm watching right now, about devotion to Maradona and his team Boca. Wow. There are stranger ppl than me out there! And it's a good thing we have state-controlled media that dares to broadcast stuff like this and not _only_ Eurovision and reality shows.

Speaking of state-controlled, I actually did go and vote again. There was some problem with the elections last September and us here and also Örebro had to do a re-vote. At first I thought it really silly and pointless but then I thought a little further and decided not to let the nationalists take my vote away from me. So there! I voted again! Civic duty!

... the church of Maradona, well really! How blasphemous is that? Still, now it's time for "The Doctor's Wife", the Neil Gaiman episode, ooooh!

Also, don't forget Eurocon in a month and a bit. You have only two weeks to sign up!
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Gah, home with pink-eye. Boy it hurt last night! At least it has cooled down a lot by now but here I am, staring with my left eye at the screen from a distance of about 20 cm (my left eye is very, very nearsighted). And that's why I didn't go to work.

At least this time I know why my eye hurts: it was the continuous draught on the bridge last Monday, right into the corner of my eye. Urgh.

And as usual when I am home from work (this is the third time in a year, I think), my neighbout has a disco. This time she didn't wait till 1230, like she so considerately did the first time, no, 1015 is a good time for hiphoprnb.


I think I'll turn on the 1812 ouverture again...

But at least yesterday was very nice. I went out to map rocks in the bit of forest left where my paternal Grandmother used to play as a small child. I know she did, because she wrote about it in her memoirs. It's a hill opposite Liseberg here in Göteborg, and they're planning to build a garage in it. Literally in it. Next to an extant sewage tunnel. Yay complicated!

What a pretty day it was! Warm weather (but not too warm), vitsippor, birdsong, and interesting rocks. Gneiss to the east, then all gabbro! Well, here and there it was amphibolitised, and there were interesting veins of magma mingling too -- just like in the intrusion I studied for my thesis ten years ago. Well, no surprise, since that's just over the hill from here.

Also, I saw the foundations for the furnicular they built here in 1923, for the World Fair. Slabs of concrete, the housing for the cable, and some viewing platforms. Contemporary archeology, that. Perhaps we should have a little outing to that hill, with one or the other of the clubs I'm a member of. We'd just have to wade through all the half-naked students lying around in the sunshine...

Well, now for something else. I'm quite bored; I had meant to go out to another bit of forest for gamma radiation measurements, but that will have to wait. Bored bored bored! And nearsighted...
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Here's something for all you weight conscious ppl out there: haha what?!

A concerted effort on Friday and Saturday got me through "The Anubis Gates" by Tim Powers, finally. Too much stuff to read, watch and listen to gets in the way of reading good books like this, it's a shame. There should be more time!

Also more time to do fiddly things with yarn and fingers. Yesterday the tolkienists had an arts&crafts get-together where the highlight was instruction in how to do nålbindning. Don't know if that word exists in any other form in any other language. One of the how-to books, in English, certainly didn't call it anything else. It's like extremely complicated crocheting using your thumb and a big needle. I managed to make big and complicated knots out of it, not the nice and orderly ribbon that I was supposed to. Oh dear!

And now it's Easter week, which means it's just _days_ until series six starts. Days! Oooooh!
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After the Bruce/Rathbone radio series, I'm now re-re-re-re-re (etc) listening to "The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy", the original radio show. Aah, I can still remember those days in 1983-4 when I first came across it between the bursts of static while listening to BBC World Service (shortwave). Brilliant! Now I've progressed from recording-off-air via cassettes that I bought at the actual Bush House, and CD:s to mp3:s. When I looked at my iPod I realised I had turned it off on track 42, how appropriate!

But there is one thing I miss: the alternative version from the LP:s. It's ever so slightly different from the original radio show, mostly in the music that is some direct-for-LP Radiophonic Workshop composition, and not the copyrighted pieces from the broadcast episodes. Also some minor things like dropping Lady Cynthia Fitz-Melon and instead adding Hotblack Desiato, and above all: the ancient Betelgeuse death anthem. "Zagla-baa-aaa stringetic astro-oooo! Agla grigra bantrifaaaa..." or whatever it is Zaphod and Ford belt out just before the computer bank blows up.

I've got them on tape (I checked: yes they're still there!) which is a relief since I can't find them anywhere on amazon or itunes. It's just the (fantastic) original episodes, and various readings of the books. Maybe someone else has mp3:s of the LP:s, though? Let me know!


Mar. 23rd, 2011 06:10 pm
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I'm herding gofers at eurocon in summer. So far, I've got three of them -- and they're all mine to play with! Muahahahahahahaha...

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