RIP Bianca

Oct. 19th, 2011 09:49 am
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Whoa, seasick. I have to wear glasses today on account of me going completely dry on Monday. Ack. Not just eyes but nose and throat too. Probably because indoor air is going desert-like when the heating systems kick in.

On Monday I visited G-g and Fim and their new kitten Tesla who was absolutely adorable. I got to be a chew toy for a while. But then I came home and learned that little Bianca is missing, and she still is, probably eaten by a fox, poor little thing. Such an exceptionally friendly little cat, also adorable, but far too naive and non-afraid to survive long in the wild. She didn't know to fear things like cars, foxes or lawn-mowers. She is sorely missed, not least by Arvid, the other cat.


Now time for course in rock mechanics, followed by a five-hour-plus drive to Borlänge, and then two days of looking at railroads. I'm going towards Malung on a diesel track (non-electrified). Then home and then Dr Who home con, what I call a Dr Whom con on Saturday. Whee!

Which reminds me, I should probably get down to watching the last episodes of the season some time...


Jul. 28th, 2011 04:43 pm
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The forest is full of berries -- because no one dares to pick them after the latest health scare: all berries in west sweden are full of pygmy tapeworms, eat one berry and your liver will explode and you will diiiiie!

So anyone wants to make raspberry jam, jelly or pie, in which process the parasites will be killed, now is your field day!


Still liking the latest "Torchwood", but there is something where both it and "Doctor Who" are less than good: both shows would benefit from _not_ having wall-to-wall music, especially not an easy listening beat during the most dramatic or deepest moments, like Oswald Danes' creepy speech in the latest episode. That sort of thing has bothered me more than once before. Especially in "Torchwood" which doesn't need to "soften" the scary parts for the kiddies.


Been petting two cats at the same time :) They spent their first night outdoors now; I thought they would have lost all trust in us then and not want to be with us anymore. Bianca doesn't want to come inside and has stopped being ultra-friendly. But hey, if they don't want to come inside at night, that's what happens!
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After two days with the new cats, it's very clear that it is cats who domesticate humans, not the other way around. Leaving them today, I went all *lump in throat*. They got their hooks and claws right under my skin!

Arvid is three years old, a bit of a bully and _solid_. When he first saw the Big Outdoors he took off with a speed I've never seen in a cat before. Bliss!

Bianca is two and the cutest, slimmest thing you ever had curling around your legs or purring on your stomach. The first thing she did when being let outdoors was hunt -- until she saw how big it all was and got very scared. Didn't take long for her to bring home her first prey, though: a butterfly, that she took into the kitchen and ate, noisily.

Today the discovered torrential rain, and expressed dislike, loudly.

And now I'm home again, catless. Well at least I don't have to worry, close-up as it were, about them not learning in time that Cars Are Dangerous, as are barrels full of rainwater, and that badgers should not be approached.


Weird stuff happening in Oslo. Why? How come? Who would want to blow up Norwegians, and shoot them?
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Gosh, amazon claims they have shipped all those movies I ordered -- already. That means I might get them next Monday or summat. Oooooooh! *dies with anticipation*


Today I have assembled things to pack, and written a speech. Well, most of the speech is here already *), but I've _written_ it, in longhand, on a really long scroll. Hopefully it will look all sorts of impressive and pompous tomorrow when I unfurl it. That's at least the effect I'll be striving for when reading it aloud. (Yes, it's another tolkienist party, in Stockholm this time.)

Speaking (haha) of which, in the "Victory of the Daleks" Confidential episode Ian McNeice talks about how he did his Churchill. This was almost exactly the same method I used for giving Churchill/Middle-earth speeches. Haha! Great minds etc.


If you haven't already seen it, here's something funny. I came across the book at the Book Fair here last September, quite by accident. Funny clips. And the book is hilarious. Instantly familiar to anyone with cats.


*) only now that I wrote it down did I realise the beginning is a paraphrase of the "Star Wars" opening crawl

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