RIP Bianca

Oct. 19th, 2011 09:49 am
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Whoa, seasick. I have to wear glasses today on account of me going completely dry on Monday. Ack. Not just eyes but nose and throat too. Probably because indoor air is going desert-like when the heating systems kick in.

On Monday I visited G-g and Fim and their new kitten Tesla who was absolutely adorable. I got to be a chew toy for a while. But then I came home and learned that little Bianca is missing, and she still is, probably eaten by a fox, poor little thing. Such an exceptionally friendly little cat, also adorable, but far too naive and non-afraid to survive long in the wild. She didn't know to fear things like cars, foxes or lawn-mowers. She is sorely missed, not least by Arvid, the other cat.


Now time for course in rock mechanics, followed by a five-hour-plus drive to Borlänge, and then two days of looking at railroads. I'm going towards Malung on a diesel track (non-electrified). Then home and then Dr Who home con, what I call a Dr Whom con on Saturday. Whee!

Which reminds me, I should probably get down to watching the last episodes of the season some time...


Jul. 28th, 2011 04:43 pm
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The forest is full of berries -- because no one dares to pick them after the latest health scare: all berries in west sweden are full of pygmy tapeworms, eat one berry and your liver will explode and you will diiiiie!

So anyone wants to make raspberry jam, jelly or pie, in which process the parasites will be killed, now is your field day!


Still liking the latest "Torchwood", but there is something where both it and "Doctor Who" are less than good: both shows would benefit from _not_ having wall-to-wall music, especially not an easy listening beat during the most dramatic or deepest moments, like Oswald Danes' creepy speech in the latest episode. That sort of thing has bothered me more than once before. Especially in "Torchwood" which doesn't need to "soften" the scary parts for the kiddies.


Been petting two cats at the same time :) They spent their first night outdoors now; I thought they would have lost all trust in us then and not want to be with us anymore. Bianca doesn't want to come inside and has stopped being ultra-friendly. But hey, if they don't want to come inside at night, that's what happens!

dr who

May. 16th, 2011 08:59 am
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Wheee, that was brilliant! "Zagreus" with a disco beat -- no wait, that's my neighbour playing her so-called music at max volume. Anyway, wheee!
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Here's something for all you weight conscious ppl out there: haha what?!

A concerted effort on Friday and Saturday got me through "The Anubis Gates" by Tim Powers, finally. Too much stuff to read, watch and listen to gets in the way of reading good books like this, it's a shame. There should be more time!

Also more time to do fiddly things with yarn and fingers. Yesterday the tolkienists had an arts&crafts get-together where the highlight was instruction in how to do nålbindning. Don't know if that word exists in any other form in any other language. One of the how-to books, in English, certainly didn't call it anything else. It's like extremely complicated crocheting using your thumb and a big needle. I managed to make big and complicated knots out of it, not the nice and orderly ribbon that I was supposed to. Oh dear!

And now it's Easter week, which means it's just _days_ until series six starts. Days! Oooooh!


Oct. 8th, 2010 02:39 pm
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Whoa, a few minutes between assignments... It's been pretty hectic - in a good way - this week, with the workdays filled with, well work. Then I get home and don't feel like turning on the computer, just watching "Doctor Who - The E-space Trilogy" and "Flammen & Citronen". Or reading a book!

This week has been a bit of a holiday in that way. Nothing that must be done, other than emailing thanks here and there, and I've finally got round to doing that now. What a chore eh, emailing! Soon I'll go back to Orust for another weekend at the hospital where my mother has been for a couple of weeks now, or is it three weeks? Time flies. Back to reality.

Next week our company is going to Barcelona, on a so-called study trip. We'll visit a tunnel construction site, and some other rocks, amid touristing. Hope we'll avoid getting mugged, that's all everyone says about Barcelona: it's beautiful and cheap, but oh the crime. What I always say is "Baaah-ce-lo-naaah!!!" trying to imitate David Tennant. Wouldn't you?
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I've been offline for a bit over a week -- wonderful vacation! But when I looked in on the net yesterday there was hysteria and work to be done and whatnot. Boy it piles up quickly!

Kinda like the RL mail pile on my doorstep when I came home. Multiple envelopes from the bank and the tax authorities in response to the paperwork I sent in last week, and a lot of other stuff, plus magazines! Mm, I like magazines.

When I turned on the computer yesterday, I also looked at some Dr Who extra stuff I've neglected -- and realised how quickly and completely I've been won over by the latest Doctor. I like it when he's not Mr Infallible Messiah-man.

So I haven't watched any of the stuff I brought along with the computer, and not a lot of TV either. What I have done is read books from my to-read-pile, and they just ran out so I needed to go home and restock. But what I want to read now is not from the to-read-pile but from my Derek Robinson stash. War! Death! Explosions! that's what I want now.

One of the books I read was "Udda verklighet" by Nene Ormes, one of our guests of honour at Condense the other month. It was actually quite good! Urban fantasy (whatever that is) set in Malmö of all places.

Bonus: sneak preview of the Condense picture page:
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Partying with the Danes -- it's tougher than you'd think! I blame the tent and how cold it got at night, before it got too hot when we sun rose again at 0500. When I say "rose" I mean got above the trees and onto my tent. Also, that wood-pigeon must DIE!

Eight Danish tolkienists and me, for almost three days, having fun and games in the lovely weather, and the food, ooh wow. Then I negotiated the local train system, with a little help from my friends, and made it back home last night, so tired I just managed to watch the season finale of "Doctor Who".

Wow. The Big Bang.

Finally some real sleep, in my own bed without my legs cramping up from being tucked at awkward angles and being cold. It was a good tent, mind you, just not the right time for me to go camping out, at all. So this morning I overslept, dreaming about Roman Catholic hysterics. That's a new one for me.
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Today we rented canoes and took a tour on a lake system near where [info]egghunter lives.  I managed to drop my phone in the water but managed to retrieve it. Now it's drying out; if it doesn't make it that will be the third phone that's met a watery death...

There were many jokes on the water about Warp 6, Pirates on the port bow, and Attack pattern Delta! Lots of fun. We stopped at a wind shelter and bbq:ed food. I ate far too much, urgh. And now my arms and back will get stiff and sore when we go back to Motala on Tuesday. The woes!

After writing a lot of stuff for Condense, I watched the latest "Doctor Who". BBC said the net ep would be on the 18th so I didn't think there would be one now but there was! Joy! Only two more episodes to go now, grief!

Hmm, if I bring my computer to Condense, we might be able to watch the next episode there. I know at least one person who would be interested... and a whole bunch who would be annoyed! Muaha!

many voices

Jun. 5th, 2010 07:22 pm
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There is a new recording of bus and tram stops on the buses and trams. It used to be some deep-voiced Stockholm guy who read out the names (apparently he was a member of the original tolkien society here in town), but now the recordings have been changed, maybe because the first guy died.

The new voice is difficult to tell if it's male or female, the first thing that makes it a bit odd. The second thing that makes it a bit odd I just realised: it has the exact same intonation as the first Daleks in "Power of the Daleks"! You know, the ones saying "I am your servant?" -- or more lately, Bracewell's Ironsides in "Victory of the Daleks" saying "I am your soldier?". Haha!

Makes me giggle silently every time.

Today I went to an arts exhibit opening at Röhsska. It's graduation material from design schools, and not a very sparkling lot this year. The best piece was a huge Smilodon skull replica made of some sort of metal, with artillery shells or something in it. And some other guy who worked with spheres, made me think of [info]egghunter, looked just like her kind of things. The rest, meh.

But on the way I bought "The Clone Wars". Last week I zapped past an episode being shown on Cartoon Network, and got hooked. It was really good! -- as long as I kept the sound right down. If I turned up the Swedish dub, it immediately got really bad. Swedish-dubbed cartoons eh? Gotta hate'em.

Now I'm trying to draw a cartoon myself, for the program booklet of the upcoming SF convention. Got any iconic literary spaceships or planets or something that I can spoof? I already have Martian tripods, a sandworm, the Enterprise, a TIE-fighter, Daleks (of course), the XFLR6 from Tintin, Alfred Bester's "Tiger Tiger" and the inside of a Dyson sphere.
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Aargh, I will _not_ be tempted by shiny stuff from! Or Amazon! nononono I can resist...

Today I've been out in lovely weather again, looking at rocks and getting eaten alive by big mosquitoes. They're going to build a crime lab up on a slope, and below it is an artists' refuge. I got to talk with one of them -- currently working on a big dragon in styrofoam, otherwise he works in stone, how appropriate -- and he said the first thing he heard about this project was last week, the last day of being able to register complaints.

I didn't say "stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'beware of the leopard'" but that's what crossed my mind.

And anyway, did they do no initial research into the ground conditions at all before they decided to put a five-storey building on the edge of a slope that is already crumbling under its own weight, or just gravity? Sheesh. "Hey, you're the rock experts -- solve this!" Well OK, let's encase the whole lower slope in reinforced concrete then, bet everyone below will be very happy about that new view. Hah!

Still, nice day with Susan and Jamie in the headphones. I did a couple of hours of this without audio plays on Monday, having to listen to myself the whole time, without respite. Not doing that again. I can still picture sites I was at when listening to particular scenes in, say, "Minuet in Hell" or hear in my head the Salamander murdering his underlings when looking at pictures from another site. They're connected now, in time, space and memory!


May. 28th, 2010 08:31 am
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More insanity at work, this time with loads of CAD. Makes me go all loopy, flooby even, at the end of the day. On Wednesday, fr'instance, when we had our last-of-the-year Quenya course, I was so tired I had to flee home and watch "The Silurians", with commentaries. Heh, the old guard keep complaining about how the new shows are all too fast-paced, the wall-to-wall music, and the Doctor kissing all his companions. As they said, if you have young, pretty Doctor, and gorgeous assistands, the TARDIS will steam up.

Last night I watched three hours of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". I haven't seen it since it was broadcast here in 1981 or whenever it was, but I've still got the book and the soundtrack from back then. It was still pretty awesome!

Also yesterday, I had a visit here from L, who supplied us with a studio when we did the extra stuff for the fanfilm (the fanfilm itself was never made). She's making some kind of rock film, about mountains and myths, and wanted to know about geologists. What do we do, and what does it look like? Not easy to show in an hour, but it was quite nice all the same.
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So on Dr Who Confidential they say they had a monster they eventually scrapped, that would have come up out of a whole and roll around on the ground like a wheel thingy. Ha ha! I wonder if the Supreme Beans could have sued the BBC for copyright infringement then.
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Gosh, amazon claims they have shipped all those movies I ordered -- already. That means I might get them next Monday or summat. Oooooooh! *dies with anticipation*


Today I have assembled things to pack, and written a speech. Well, most of the speech is here already *), but I've _written_ it, in longhand, on a really long scroll. Hopefully it will look all sorts of impressive and pompous tomorrow when I unfurl it. That's at least the effect I'll be striving for when reading it aloud. (Yes, it's another tolkienist party, in Stockholm this time.)

Speaking (haha) of which, in the "Victory of the Daleks" Confidential episode Ian McNeice talks about how he did his Churchill. This was almost exactly the same method I used for giving Churchill/Middle-earth speeches. Haha! Great minds etc.


If you haven't already seen it, here's something funny. I came across the book at the Book Fair here last September, quite by accident. Funny clips. And the book is hilarious. Instantly familiar to anyone with cats.


*) only now that I wrote it down did I realise the beginning is a paraphrase of the "Star Wars" opening crawl

Doctor Who

May. 9th, 2010 01:12 pm
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Doctor Who Confidential 5.06: I've been to Trogir! Whee! Also, music from "The Lost Boys", haha.

Next Who episode looks like it might be "Mind Robber"-ish, cool.

My new wallpaper: the Doctor pushing a small model of a Dalek, or rather of one of Bracewell's Ironsides, across a plot table.

Yes, I really like this new series...

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What a lovely day! Instead of spending the weekend indoors, watching TV or reading "Sherlock Holmes" or just doing nothing, like I usually do, I did like a big part of Gbg and went to the Botanical Garden.

Aaah, pretty spring flowers, tiny tender new leaves on the trees, and birdsong. I spent ten minutes on a log just listening to a blackbird doing impossible warbles and imitating, among other things, a Nokia ringtone. Then for some ice cream and ambling back downtown before going home to... watch TV, read "Sherlock Holmes" and do nothing much.

Which includes wondering what last night's "Doctor Who" was about, really. A bit of a puzzler! Also been rewatching some "due South", fr'instance the episode "Eclipse". You know, the one where Ray lurks in a crypt, the one with a statue, of an angel, a weeping angel... Yeah you get it, slight Who OD. Which isn't helped by Matt Smith also being in "Party Animals" on Fridays. How adorable he is!

*glimpse at TV* wtf?! The White House interior designer, it says in Kobra, with some hideous bird sculputer with Kermit the Frog on top. And she lifts a wing on the bird, saying "And the stomach is full of booze" -- it's a liquor cabinet! Oy, if the White House contains such things, it's no wonder American politics goes insane.
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Finally I'm once again up to date on the a) cleaning, b) laundry and c) "Doctor Who". The latter so much so that I saw it last night, whee.

Those weeping angels still are really scary -- such a brilliant concept when it comes to scariness. I like the new episodes, with their little details, like "Broadsword to Danny Boy!" in the Dalek episode, hilarious. And that was a brilliant concept to, the theme of that episode, no spoilers. But the best part, of course, is that we once again have a continuous swathe of "Doctor Who", with a new episode each week. Aaah, that's how it's supposed to be!

Now I've just got to catch up on "Confidential" too. And clean some more but that's just too boring for words.

Yesterday was a really geeky day, when I look back on it. Star Treff 52, the first one in ages I went to without working at all. The theme was mostly re-mastered TOS, with some new FX like pretty planets and galactic swirls instead of the old hokey paint-jobs in the original original series. And amped up sound whenever it got slightly suspenseful or actiony, painful. Good to see so much of Kirk et al., the old episodes are still fun!

Then a short tolkienist meeting and then home for a whole evening of 2nd and 11th Doctor. Good way to end a week that included two days of really cold weather out on the railroad to Lysekil, and two days of conferences. Next week: more Lysekil, a railroad safety course, possible vacation on Friday, and far too many deadlines pressed into the remaining day and a bit. Arrgh.

Okay, hands up, who got the reference to Broadsword and Danny Boy?
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A new Matt Smith TV-series is announced in Sweden, as I'm going off to England to watch that _other_ Matt Smith TV-series that starts on Saturdagy. Wheee! Travel nerves! also not looking forward to leaving home at 0400hr, or as I call it, too-dark-o'clock. Or bleurgh o'clock. Doesn't-exist o'clock.

Hopefully we still have hotel reservations, otherwise the day will start with hunting for hotel rooms. But I have faith!  Unwelcome suprises belongs to today only, so there. Has anyone spotted any good jokes? I've been out most of the day and haven't seen any. Unless you count Lilla Edet centrum at 1030hr as a joke (which I did).

Happy Easter everyone!
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"I'm not sure what the Odyssey 2010 programme is yet - or whether it has been finalised yet or not - but by all accounts the first episode of the new series of Doctor Who is going to be on BBC One on Saturday 3rd April. Is there any chance this can be worked into the schedule as a big-screen showing? Or at least clear the schedules for an hour while everyone goes off to find a TV!"

"Oh, it is in the plan... We didn't have the beeb schedule is all :-) so yes!"

"Any chance you can get Matt Smith in to introduce it?"

"Hmm – I don’t know about Matt Smith, but we may have someone up our sleeves."


Jan. 7th, 2010 01:04 pm
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- collects new lenses. None of the 'notify' tags on the order form had been ticked, so I could have collected them on 18 dec...

- orders silk long underwear. therru swears by them and I need more of them so why not give it a try?

- ponders going to the movies, or perhaps a dog show.

- fears having OD'd on Dr Who this holiday -- if that's at all possible!
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The end of the tenth doctor... quite like "The Return of the King", really. Mmmm, Rassilon. And good old Bernard Cribbins!

Now I'm really looking forward to the eleventh doctor, bring it on!

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