Apr. 13th, 2010 10:44 am
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Yes, Dylan Moran was brilliant. But where was the rest of the audience? Tsk tsk, sometimes I wonder about the tastes of the ppl of Gothenburg... Only Jim is cool, it seems, but we already knew this!

I got a good seat too, less than 10m away from him and his mike which was the whole stage setup, oh and a small table with a wine-glass on it.

The first thing he did was ridicule Norwegian black metal bands, and their choice of band names. Haha! There were slurs against Finns and the English, deep thoughts and heavy sarcasm about life, death, love, men, women, relationships, scathing remarks about "young people" -- 99.9 % of the audience was 22 years old, the rest being two parents, and me -- lots of swearing, physical hair-comedy, and exclamations.
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That was a nice day in the sunny countryside! Perhaps we even have an idea now how to build the road there.

On the news today: Dylan Moran is in town with his show -- and I'm going to see it in less than an hour! Hooray! No one at work knows who he is, and not many others either. As always, it's almost only the Lexxians who have a clue.

Also, spot the lexxians in the Odyssey 2010 cabaret...

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