Dec. 23rd, 2009 09:37 am
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I'm looking at värsttrafik.se to find a bus/train combination to go to my parents tomorrow. The website says there is only one option for the entire day. Knowing there actually _is_ another route to choose from (unlike non-locals who would have only the website to rely on) I try to piece together another itinerary. This involves four or five searches to get all the little pieces. Only some routes have online timetables; the one given by the website is not among them...

So, I _can_ take another route that costs 15kr less and takes 2hr to get where I want to go, but the alternative given by the website costs 15kr more and gets there in 1,5hr, and earlier than all the others. Now, what should I choose?

I choose to buy dynamite and go make a visit to värsttrafik HQ!

no secrets

Dec. 20th, 2009 11:35 am
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Isn't that the anagram in "Sneakers"? Fantastic movie, that...

Anyway, yesterday's Grey Council meeting and christmas party was decidedly no-secrets. I really didn't want to know all that about the other members' sexual proclivities! BDSM R Us! Aaaagh! Lalalalala *clapping hands to ears* O_o Also gossip central, omg.

Had to leave early before the meeting degenerated completely. Sheesh. You'd never see regular SF geeks go on like that, at least they're _discrete_.
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Greetings from Skovde!

Our company has spent two days on a golfing farm, doing "team-building". This consisted of taking the Myers-Briggs test, doing group exercises like building a bridge with scraps of paper, and committing self-criticism in front of the colleagues. We did nothing much except sit still -- and got thouroughly exhausted from it. When I came home on Friday evening I fell asleep on the sofa and then went to bed at 2100hr, and slept for almost twelve hours. Sheesh!

But the estate was very pretty, and the food absolutely delicious. We had a lot of fun, between exercises.

Celebrity sighting: Loa Falkman. He came golfing along in very ugly chequered golf pants. Hah!

(Rubriken kommer från en historia som min farmors syster berättade. Det var en fransyska som var gift med en svensk militär. De flyttade runt mellan regementena och nu var det dags igen, fransyskan visste inte vart men sa mycket bestämt: "Om Skovde, jag taga liv!")

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