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Having spent my lunch hour doing errands -- getting promotional stuff for next weekend's Star Treff, buying a multi-chocolate cake for tomorrow -- I can now enjoy my lunch: a nougat mazarine from Steinbrenner & Nyberg. Mmmmmmnmm!

Also, anyone here who is local and hasn't yet been spammed? --Club Cosmos will go to the Observatory in Slottsskogen on 15 november. If you're here and you're interested, please join us!

Unless you're washed away by torrential rain, that is...

P.S. just found this.
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Over on that Other site which shall not be mentioned there is some talk about the über-fail of the Israeli armed forces in international waters, and on Swedish media it's the New Big Thing. Here, no one mentions it. Someone suggested it's because American news media won't touch it. Is that so? Amercians, have you seen any news reports on Israel attacking a convoy of relief ships to Gaza and killing nine ppl?

Talking of Israel, I made Mandelbrot for today's 'bring-something-baked' at work. It's at least 8yr since I made some, not since I moved here. And I should make them more often, they're tasty, mmmm!

We also had tasty Indian food yesterday, at a new place just off the liquor store (Systembolaget). First we waited and waited, and then some meagre plates were brought... what, is this all? Then the sneaky proprietor brought the _real_ dish while smiling mischievously. Ooo the rogue! Then the food was so good that we have to go back, soon. Yum.

And speaking of yum, I just realised I won't be able to attend next week's Club Cosmos pub night -- I'll be in Mjölby then. Mjölby! Well, Motala hopefully, we have a whole railroad stretch to do in only two days. I went to Mjölby once, in 1994 or something, on my way home from Vadstena. That's when I learned how to pronounce the name... it's not pretty. Maybe Motala is better.

On the subject of Cosmos, that's a really good TV series. The science I already know but I remember being thrilled by certain concepts and images in that show, like the klepsydra, and that we are star-stuff. To think it is 30yr old! Many of the future missions Sagan talks about in it have now been launched, like Cassini and Mars rovers, but some are still at least 25yr in the future, just like it was then (I'm looking at you, fusion power).

*** Newsflash: just got a surprise mail from saying Thank you for your order, which I haven't placed. Not answering that one! Usually it's just stuff I've never even visited that sends me phishing spam but hey, this is too close to home. ***


Nov. 24th, 2009 12:44 pm
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We're having health check-ups at work this week. I don't have to do it since I got checked up last year -- just as well since most comments from the doctor seems to be "you're overweight". And all those gummi-brains and licorice boats I ate on Sunday _will_ add up. Like the Cesar salad I just had. There must be cocaine or something in that dressing, I just want mooooooore! And more brainnnnnns!

Just relaxing a little before going back to work. Or "work", I'm mostly playing with Google Wave that I just got an invite to. What does it do, really? Seems a bit like yahoogroups.


Nov. 19th, 2009 12:38 pm
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A really miserable, typical November day: rain rain rain overcast fog rain. And more rain.

I tagged along to road 45 this morning to look at difficult places along the rock works. Really difficult ones, like, will this tunnel that's already built here survive? Eep. And we saw a borehole in one rock cut where water welled up from somewhere below. Boy did it look like the waters of Mars!

Now I'm home and dry with a cinnamon bun, coffee and this. Yay!

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