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... I've inspected three railway tunnels and choked at fumes in the local oil harbour, as well as battled bridge & tunnel management systems. Also read several books (though not enough to make a dent in the to-read-pile, it keeps regenerating), John le Carré rocks. "Written In Bones" arrived in less than a week, not the 30-40 weeks that led me to believe. I missed out on "Iron Sky" due to two of those tunnels but hope to be able to catch "The Avengers". And yesterday I had a lot of fun watching the local techno-students' parade, Chalmers-cortegen, which I've only seen once before. I'm never in town on Valborg!

Now the tempreature has finally crept above 15 degrees C there's a thick haze of BBQ smoke over the neighourhood. Something I hope to explore to greater olfactory and gustatory satisfaction in October when we go to South Africa.

But first, lots more episodes of "The Mentalist", my current obsession!
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We're having an election in a month, and all the election posters are getting up all over town. Not everyone is happy with this, and on my way to work I notice that the classic defacements aren't dead yet. Representatives for the liberal party have had their big mugs adorned with hitler moustaches and blackened teeth! Haha!
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Also, just saw a guy with a bag with the brand name ELROND printed in large letters on it. I almost stopped to point and laugh.

Plus, who is making bacon & eggs?! I'm getting seriously hungry here and that's not conducive to writing reports on railroad rock cuts!

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Yay, an episode of "Sherlock Holmes" that I missed last year, because the DVD player decided it didn't want to run it! And it had Ian Marter in it too, haha.


Meetings galore here, and then tomorrow we have an "open house" for clients and customers. Gotta make a quiz for it! Like, "what was Bergab's first project", "who are these strange ppl in old photos?" and "what departments do we have now?"

At least I got the office library up and running in time for it. All I need now are plastic VHS covers, which I will acquire later today. Unless I get stuck in a wet snow-drift. Man it's disgusting weather out there! The wet snow or water-with-texture effectively hides the ice sheets that cover the sidewalks, brrr.


Addict-a-ball! I brought it to work yesterday, to spread the poison. Muahaha.

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