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Phew, I finally seem to have settled in again. All that stuff to sort! And plants to prune, propagate and just plain pander to! None of them appears to have died during my absence, at least.

My father kindly drove me home, along with two large boxes of dolls. My grandmother (his mother) collected dolls for some 30-40yr and had quite a large and valuable collection when she died 8yr ago. My mother has most of them and I have those two large boxes. They have been stored at my parents' until now, because, well I live pretty much in a ship's cabin: it is very small!

But last year, in response to all that cement dust, I reorganised my cellar booth with large boxes and whatnot (while listening to Gareth David Lloyd reading a "Torchwood" novel brilliantly, I know I posted abou that at the time). Now there is space for my dolls! Or rather, there will be once I get rid of all the beer that is housed there...

... I do hope the cellar won't get burgled...

... but even so I can't store the dolls anywhere in my actual flat because of the smell. Yes, they are throughly mothballed. That's what I did earlier this week, re-mothballing all the doll-boxes, and boy did I get dizzy and slightly nauseous from it! Paradimal *) is unkind to _all_ living things. Yuck. Hopefully the smell deters burglars too.

*) looking for links on Paradimal (a quick web search implies it only contains "natural" products but I sincerely doubt that) I found [personal profile] therrureplying on a forum. Hi [personal profile] therru! Also, do you know a useful translation of "Blåkulla", something that an American would understand? I suggested "Witch Mountain".
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Oops, only three weeks till the Danish tolkienist party. I really should order train tickets now, shouldn't I... and this time I make enough money that I don't have to choose the cheapest of the cheap departures, like I did last time. That meant a detour around Småland that took several hours, in smaller and smaller trains. I've already gone over those tracks at work, thank you!

Also after last time I visited Bri (not Briseis) I bought a big tent, or rather a regular-sized tent that I won't have to sleep in sideways. I haven't used it before -- until now! Bri rules!

More tolkienism on Saturday, when we will go canoeing nearby. As a Hobbit, I feel very dubious about the whole enterprise, but the promise of bbq and other foods should quell those doubts. I see that my neighbours have already started the mandatory bbq:ing out in the yard. The bbq-haze lies thick over Sweden between May and September...

Soon time to go check on the laundry. While it's been rotating in its drum I've tidied up like mad, filling old and new shelves with books and DVDs respectively. It almost looks neat now... just barely. And there is still some space left in the new shelving. (I say new but I put it up in November.)

Urgh, I really should get rid of at least half this stuff, but it's real difficult to choose. Also, this kind of project takes at least six months to mature, from idea to eventual execution. Quite literal execution, in this case.
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I have just this moment taken custody of a brand new sofa, on which I can stretch out fully in front of the TV. My larder is well stocked with chicken soup and there's lots of whisky. Most of the road projects are almost completed too. Bring it on!

... but if the flatpack from Ikea arrives when I'm sick, then it'll have to wait. How on earth am I going to fit that new shelf in there now?!


Nov. 4th, 2009 08:49 am
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Now I've bought a TV wall shelf from Ikea -- like I've meant to do for three years or more. Why now? Because I've got to put it up before the new sofa arrives!

My home is small and its furniture like a jigsaw puzzle, or rather that game where you have n tiles in a box, remove one tile, and move the other tiles around one at a time, like a 2D rubik's cube, or square.

To install the shelf I furst need to move my sideboard, because the shelf is too big to withdraw its drawers. The only way to move the sideboard is to first withdraw the drawers. When the sofa is in place, there will not be enough room to manoeuvre anything around. Once everything is in place, all furniture will be completely locked in place and unable to be moved!

Need I mention I have no plans to redecorate ever?

I'm home!

Oct. 24th, 2009 06:21 pm
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And it just hit me... this is the longest I've been away from home (I don't count visiting the parents) since the US field trip in 2000.

When I talked to one of the guys at the Gbg office the other day, he said I should refuse point-bland ("tvärneka") to any more requests for doing long-distance work. Apparently they've missed me! Awwww.

Last night I got a good look from the train window of our office. During the renovation work we've installed green diodes in the windows, and they light up at night. It looked really cool, like a R'lyeh aquarium!

Aaah, being home and doing nothing. And I _mean_ nothing. I'm relaxing so much I almost expect the germs to take the opportunity to strike. They usually get under my defences when I relax after something long and strenuous -- like the aforementioned US field trip. But I try to counter them by chanting "more work to be done, still not over, must work a lot". Heh.

Good ole Gbg! No more funny slurring rrrrs, no more self-important hurrying, no more communications that run on time! But at least I brought the dismal weather with me...
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Man, I'm tired!

Three days of physical labour and mental tension, plus socialising, laughter and a lot of food... I'm still dead beat. And here I am, back at the office staring at a computer screen. All I want to do is sleep!

This year's big tolkienist party felt, I don't know, slightly off. Maybe because all my carefully prepared props and games were put to hardly any use at all. But that's because of the atrocious weather: on Friday, sunshine and hardly a breeze. Today, sunshine and hardly a breeze. Saturday: continuous walls of water and galeforce winds, abating slightly on Sunday. Heeeeeeey....

Here's my dinner speech. Can you name the original version and who delivered it?

"Good evening. In less than an hour, filled cups from here will join others from around the tables. And you will be launching one of the loudest eglerios in the history of Mithlond.

Mithlond -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps it’s fate that today is a Saturday, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from too tight clothing.

We're fighting for our right to eat, to party.

And should we win the day, the Saturday will no longer be known as a Mithlond holiday, but as the day when the tolkienist world declared in one voice:

"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a bun fight!

We're going to party on!

We're going to shout eglerio!"

Today, we celebrate our Indulgence Day!"

At home now I have no sofa or coffe table or easy-chairs. They were sold off and carted away yesterday. Now the hunt for new furniture commences! A long sofa that I can stretch out on fully, aaah. I anticipate falling asleep to the TV even better than before. Maybe I'll even get that TV bench I planned for when I got the flat screen TV three years ago? Excitement!

*grins like the Doctor*
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Yesterday I put up my furniture for sale on (a sofa, a table, three easy-chairs) -- and now they're sold! *double-palm-slap* Hey presto!

Now I'm finally getting that new, longer sofa I've been thinking about for three years or more. Plus shelves or sideboard for TV and DVDs. Oh yes, this, ladies and gentlemen, is the proverbial IT!

at odds

Sep. 13th, 2009 01:24 pm
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Today I told off the new right-hand neighbour for smoking indoors. That's something I hope I never have to do again, I feel like such a whiner! But seriously, I'm not over-sensitive to cigarrette smoke but when I start coughing from her exhalations, in my own home... ugh! Hopefully she won't go all "revennnnge!" and smoke like mad just to annoy me now. Because then I'll send her my dry-cleaning bills for de-stenching my clothes!

Other people have no problem encroaching on others' personal space. Just now some lout in the laundry room said "It's OK if I use the washer after you, right?" and sure it was, I'm done with the washer. Then "It's OK if I use the drier room along with you, right?" and it really isn't because I've filled it up with my own gear and if he starts moving it about it will get creased, as well as not dry because there will be addes moisture in there. But can I say no? Hell no! Also I would never ever ask that sort of thing myself -- personal space seems to be incredibly sacrosanct to me.

How odd that ppl are so different!

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