Nov. 24th, 2009 12:44 pm
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We're having health check-ups at work this week. I don't have to do it since I got checked up last year -- just as well since most comments from the doctor seems to be "you're overweight". And all those gummi-brains and licorice boats I ate on Sunday _will_ add up. Like the Cesar salad I just had. There must be cocaine or something in that dressing, I just want mooooooore! And more brainnnnnns!

Just relaxing a little before going back to work. Or "work", I'm mostly playing with Google Wave that I just got an invite to. What does it do, really? Seems a bit like yahoogroups.


Nov. 24th, 2009 09:22 am
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Celebrating the "Doctor Who" birthday with four Eccleston eps, including The Empty Child, with commentaries. Mmm, good show.

Also, I didn't have to go out and do fieldwork in the rain yesterday -- I sent someone else out to do it! Muahahaha! Today it's actually _not_ raining, there's even a patch or two of blue sky, amazing. No sun though, that would be too much I guess.

I've just had the IT manager (they're both called Erik so it's more or less one guy) to cancel the write-protect on my Programs file, so I could update my browser and other things, and make it possible to save drafts and preferences and other completely necessary things for making programs run within specified parameters. Sheesh, whoever thought of blocking access to preferences?! But the Microsoft firewall still won't let me connect to mIRC... or download pictures from my camera. Oy.

We had Star Treff 50: Diseases on Sunday, when the rain bucketed down more than usual. Nice, snug, warm and dry cinema theatre! Quite a lot of ppl showed up too, despite weather and the change of day. We had booked the Saturday, and some Big Cooperation the Sunday -- but the Big Cooperation then went out in their advertising and claimed they had the Saturday... so we had to move. Still, we got that booking free so not very hard feelings.

Not like the time we screwed up ourselves...


Oct. 27th, 2009 05:09 pm
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Here I sit, waiting to go to a WCT-meeting. I can't access mIRC anymore, and now I can't communicate via that Other Site which mustn't be named either -- some buttons simply can't be clicked anymore. What is this? A deliberate attempt from the powers that be to keep me from being unproductive at work? Or just some digital cock-up?

At least today the weather was good. Hopefully tomorrow too, as I'm going out to Borås to inspect more railway cuts.
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Er, why does my disc cradle suddenly insist on shooting out? I push it in, it shoots out. I push it in, it shoots out. Endlessly. And no prompt to tell me to put something into it!

Yesterday I saw a show about the Inca. As always, the narrator says "And suddenly there was the Inca, and they enforced their incredible engineering on the region, witness roads on sheer mountainsides, impressive stoneworks, ingenious irrigation". But surely that tradition of extreme engineering and radical planning & management skillz must have come from somewhere, not just sprung up overnight, that is a century? No one in these shows and simple popular texts ever dwell on the antecedents of the Inca engineering. Or maybe von Däniken got it right and they were really aliens?

Speaking of aliens, I don't seem to have any Beatles music at all. What albums should I go for? I prefer their earlier works, the harsher and wilder stuff.
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Yes, I'm on my way to Stockholm, for two solid working-weeks, with a science fiction convention conveniently held on the weekend between those working-weeks. I'll be back in Gbg -- God willing -- next Friday.

The work is the same as last year (and last week): inspecting railroad cuts, determing what needs to be done about them and how much. But the protocol this year is a lot more ambitious, so there'll be all sorts of things to observe and measure as well. Last week was a real blast; the work is always fun but I think the company played in a lot too. What a find this new Peter is! Never a dull moment and you always learn a whole lot of new, useful things from him. I wish I could be that *searching for word*, well, "enthusing".

These two weeks I'll be working alone, just me and the train-warner -- i.e. the guy who looks out for trains and makes sure I don't do stupid things like get electrocuted or wander off into ravines you can't get out of if trains come blasting through. I'll be on a train line south of Sthlm, Älvsjö - Västra Haninge, if anyone is interested, and I'll be staying on Söder. That's why I'm online, I forgot to check where the hotel is. *checks* It's on Medborgarplatsen, just a stone's throw from the depressing little flat we can sometimes use when we're in Sthlm. But I don't want to spend two weeks there! No, it's fancy hotels for me, muahaha. *confettis money*

It's weird, almost always in Sthlm I'm working nights, and with full equipment. This time I'll be doing normal office hours, and without the heavy boots, the helmet and the batteries. So I'm travelling light-weight, what a relief.

Oops, here goes the connection. That's what you get when using mobile internets on the train, I guess. That's also why I'm not trying to log into #lexx, even though I've missed you lot a lot today! I never realise how much of a family you are, even if I don't say much during the day, not until I can't get into the channel. Stupif blockings! Must get IT staff to lift it, only they're both too busy doing fun geophysical stuff like blowing things up and walking around doing radar and resistivity. They might even get to investigate the clays under New Old Ullevi, setting off explosives at night next to the police house. Ha ha!

Anyway, rambling on and on. Maybe more later when I get lonely.


Sep. 29th, 2009 04:45 pm
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Man, something made my keyboard freak out completely today! Kept pressing all sorts of keys randomly and rapidly again and again. Something is interfering with the transmitter/receiver -- and now it's suddenly OK. Weird. At least I was able to work again after lunch (d'oh!)


I can't choose! I'm doing a speech at the big tolkienist party on Saturday -- because I think it's fun to slightly alter famous speeches and deliver them dramatically -- and now I have three originals to choose from. One is controversial and possibly highly  offensive, if anyone recognises the source. One is in keeping with the atmosphere but a bit lame. The third is über-geek.

Guess which orator is associated with which speech: President Whitmore, Hitler, Henry V.

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