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Hm, when I looked in on #lexx yesterday Mira pressganged me into Fallen London. This has the potential of stealing all my time...

And that's pretty much what I feel constantly these days. I'm not driving my own fate, I'm just running to catch up as events unfold ahead of me. Work, Mithlond-fandom-WCT, books: no time to plan and decide, just a headlong rush, stumbling after the finish line. I think, I'll do x when I'm done with y, but before that z, w and alpha have already cropped up, demanding attention.


It's probably just this assignment I accepted that needs a gamma-spectrometer that makes me jumpy. I've never used one and I don't quite know where to get hold of one, but you can't say that when ppl ask you to do a job for them. "Yes, we can do anything!" is the proper response. Once I've got a lead on the machine everything will settle down nicely and I can enjoy my Pink Floyd again.

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