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Attempt no. 4 ended in abject failure: they've dismantled the coin machine!


I suppose I could have asked them if there is another way to get rid of the coins, or if there is another bank office somewhere in town that handles coins -- but I have neither the time nor the inclination to queue for an hour simply to be told "No!"

So I guess I'll bring the metal box to Orust when I go to my parents in a couple of week, and try my luck at the bank there. I know it used to be a real bank office, but maybe they've become snotty like every other bank office now. We'll see, the saga continues...
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Depositing cash at the bank is Very Serious Business TM.

This third attempt ended in total defeat. I arrive at the machine, prepare the coins, insert my card and enter my PIN-number. The card is returned to me and the machine demands I enter the full set of account numbers.


One would think that a card and a PIN number would be enough, seeing as that is all one needs to withdraw cash. But withdrawing is simple and sissy -- depositing takes a whole other set of skillz and determination, tests the mettle of the bank client.

So now I have to go home and dig out the account numbers, write them down on a piece of paper and return for another try tomorrow or next week. Since my attempt to get lenses ended in near-defeat also, and I have to return to the optician next week to get more of them anyway.

The saga continues!
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This morning I tried to buy train tickets on the net. My bank insists I use an extra password to pay on the net, and of course I can't remember that password. So no train tickets today.

Now I've just been out on the town trying to deposit money at the same bank. It's harder than you'd think! The first bank office didn't handle cash at all so I had to make a tram trip across town to try to find a bank office that did. The second bank office only handled bills, so at least I got rid of those. There was a machine for depositing coins but you can only deposit 10 000kr a week, so the coins will have to wait until next Wednesday to be got rid of.

The saga continues!

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