Jul. 1st, 2010 09:01 am
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I was never much for popular music when I was a kid, until I was 16 or something and started following the charts -- actually the same year I started listening to the BBC World Service, "H2G2" and "Brain of Britain". What a coincidence. Also, that was the year of "Return of the Jedi" and my first really big plunge into fandom. An eventful year for me, 1983.

Anyway, so I missed out on a lot of really good music, like this. Pink Floyd! It's like listening to the opening credits of 1960s "Doctor Who", with the blobs and stripes and wobbly bits. Wow.

I'm pretty sure I heard rock and pop in my childhood, at parties and at my parents' friends houses, but I don't think any of them were very much into that sort of thing. At least not that I ever noticed later, when I was older. Danceband music at parties, yes, but nothing really interesting in their record shelves. In my family it was all classical music, mostly Haydn and Mozart.

A lot to catch up on then, from the golden age of rock.
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Aaah, Pink Floyd...
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Er, why does my disc cradle suddenly insist on shooting out? I push it in, it shoots out. I push it in, it shoots out. Endlessly. And no prompt to tell me to put something into it!

Yesterday I saw a show about the Inca. As always, the narrator says "And suddenly there was the Inca, and they enforced their incredible engineering on the region, witness roads on sheer mountainsides, impressive stoneworks, ingenious irrigation". But surely that tradition of extreme engineering and radical planning & management skillz must have come from somewhere, not just sprung up overnight, that is a century? No one in these shows and simple popular texts ever dwell on the antecedents of the Inca engineering. Or maybe von Däniken got it right and they were really aliens?

Speaking of aliens, I don't seem to have any Beatles music at all. What albums should I go for? I prefer their earlier works, the harsher and wilder stuff.

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