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I hate being the kind of neighbour that only complains. Can't I say something nice to my fellow housies? No, not when they smoke indoors or keep having discos every night!

Yesteray I made an enemy of my left-hand neighbour, the one with the bad taste in music. I passed by her open window and saw her sitting smoking in it, and decided to ask her not to. The upshot being that I was mentally retarded for not understanding that she is fully in her right to do whatever she pleases in her own flat and doesn't have to go outside to smoke. Hold on, she'll have to turn the music down to hear me. What? No, she works nights so she doesn't play loud music in the evening, apparently.



Fortunately I had to go catch a bus (to a meeting I was already late for, I found out a few mintues later), or I would have really started working myself up. So, if she has every right to smoke indoors, polluting the air for the rest of us, then by the same logic _I_ have every right to do whatever _I_ like, without any respect for _her_ or anyone else. Riiiiiiight.

So it's joss-stick and incense time.

And music every day.

Before I left I asked her could she please not play her music so loudly, and yes of course she could. So the music right now is just as loud as usual, but at least not _even more so_, which is what I would have expected of her.

Oh, and after that exposé the other day of how the cosmetic injections industry in Sweden is completely unregulated, and poor suffering girls have had their lips hurt by incompetent injectors, I have now seen my first very-clearly injected set of lips. Yes, she looked just like I imagined her from her lousy music!


*thinks hard of that line in the Lord's prayer: forgive us as we forgive others etc*

*forced calm breathing*

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On Friday I got hit by a stomach bug or something, plus a really wicked headache. My vision is still screwed up -- all it's good for is watching all sorts of Sherlock Holmeses and really old "Doctor Who". I'm talking 1963-era Who. Interesting mix.

I went out to photograph a rock cutting out in the docks, well the former docks, earlier today. Boy was it cold! A few minutes out in the wind and my fingers got numb. Hey, it's half February now, it should be Spring. Gimme!

Our beloved boss has now left us. How are we to cope? Boohoo, poor us. This means we'll have to take responsibility ourselves, the horror...

Oh, and I found out the perfect vengeance music for neighbours who insist on playing annoying hiphop-rnb-disco at all hours and at ridiculous volumes: Gamma Ray's album Majestic. Solid wall-to-wall bass drum alternating with drum/bass in shifting patterns. Not only does it throw you off, it is also utterly relentless. Muahaha.

Explosions are good too. Where can I find the 1812 music, hmmmm?

at odds

Sep. 13th, 2009 01:24 pm
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Today I told off the new right-hand neighbour for smoking indoors. That's something I hope I never have to do again, I feel like such a whiner! But seriously, I'm not over-sensitive to cigarrette smoke but when I start coughing from her exhalations, in my own home... ugh! Hopefully she won't go all "revennnnge!" and smoke like mad just to annoy me now. Because then I'll send her my dry-cleaning bills for de-stenching my clothes!

Other people have no problem encroaching on others' personal space. Just now some lout in the laundry room said "It's OK if I use the washer after you, right?" and sure it was, I'm done with the washer. Then "It's OK if I use the drier room along with you, right?" and it really isn't because I've filled it up with my own gear and if he starts moving it about it will get creased, as well as not dry because there will be addes moisture in there. But can I say no? Hell no! Also I would never ever ask that sort of thing myself -- personal space seems to be incredibly sacrosanct to me.

How odd that ppl are so different!

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