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... and a new year is about to begin. A new year and a new life!

An hour ago I joined the lemming train to the nearest lookout point and was wowed by the G-P fireworks display. It was like a Beethoven symphony: there were at least four this-is-the-end impressive bangs.

Now I've lit some candles and might have a sip of whisky later, that's the extent of my celebrations. Somehow the parties failed to manifest this year, oh well. At least I have a new DVD/Bluray player I got off the sales yesterday: almost completely _not_ what I was looking for but I can watch my downloads on the big screen, and that's awesome.

So what did 2010 bring? Lots of fun during the first half-and-a-bit, with Eastercon, Dylan Moran and Condense. Then it turned pretty bleak and has remained so until now, when my Mother seems pretty stable for the moment. *touch wood* All that heartache made me realise there's more to life than logic and intellect and I'll soon embark on a new journey of discovery, exciting times ahead.

Oh, and 2010 brought a brand new Doctor! Fantastic!
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And now I'm all restless and sort of in limbo after watching that. What should I do now? Go out for a walk in the lovely weather? But the ice-sheets on the roads are hidden by new snow so I can't see them to avoid them, and I already have a bruised ass after slipping at 0015hr on New Year's Day. Ow.

Watch some more TV? But I just did that.

Go to the movies? There's the new Sherlock Holmes thingy that I want to see, but again with the ice, and again with the having watched.

Make some tea? Allright then! But first I'll tell you about the riot dachshunds.

The New Year's party was like several hours of constant laughing. Yes it was that good! Ended in nice kissing too, and everyone teasing us for it and it wasn't so fun so I went home before I got too plastered. Probably the laughing made more for the headache the next day than the alcohol, really.

Anyway, there were two extra funny guys there. One had a plan to convert all the disused rock storage caverns in our coutry to bubble-wrap production, and then initiate mandatory national wrapping of everyone in bubble-wrap, for their own protection of course. He had even cleared the plan with Claes Månsson, all ready to go.

The other guy said, why do the police use German shephard dogs in riot control? They just trigger our flock instincts to band together and protect ourselves against fearsome predators, making mobs even more uncontrollable. No, what they should do is send in hundreds of dachshunds! They're ferocious, trained to attack badgers in their nests for crying out loud -- and who would think to band together to protect themselves against dachshunds? Of course, you need so use scores and scores of them, to send in wave after wave: you can kick some of them away but the next ones will go for the jugular and _not_ _let_ _go_.

Had me in stitches, both of them. Hee hee.
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All the snow at Söbben is here translated into thick sheets of ice on the streets. Ew. It's still pretty cold (well below freezing) and clear skies, which promises well for the evening's celebrations. Big fireworks at 1700 (yes I know...) and then -- party time!

Yes, I'm going to a New Year's party again, same place as last year. Amazing! Seems I have acquired a social life after all.


I'm about to tune my brand new ukulele, so I can play on it. Whee.


I happened to watch a show about a small Swedish community this morning, "Plötsligt i Vinslöv". Absolutely fascinating, I couldn't stop watching. It's like real-life Varan-TV and "Änglagård" and all those small-town Sweden fictions that seem completely unrealistic... but turn out to be almost documentary. Wow. I mean, mini-golf enthusiasts, budgie zealots, and general weirdos...

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