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For the last two weeks, almost, I've been with my parents, or rather with one parent or the other, as my father had an operation and I nursed my mother through it. Well, not so much nursing, but keeping her company and keeping an eye on her, dispensing medicines etc. A short break with two days' work and then back to mow the lawn as my father is still convalescing. No strenuous lifting or pushing!

Now I feel I'm entitled to some whisky and "Dr Who", or maybe the Berglins 1999-2008 collection, or why not the jaw-dropping documentary I'm watching right now, about devotion to Maradona and his team Boca. Wow. There are stranger ppl than me out there! And it's a good thing we have state-controlled media that dares to broadcast stuff like this and not _only_ Eurovision and reality shows.

Speaking of state-controlled, I actually did go and vote again. There was some problem with the elections last September and us here and also Örebro had to do a re-vote. At first I thought it really silly and pointless but then I thought a little further and decided not to let the nationalists take my vote away from me. So there! I voted again! Civic duty!

... the church of Maradona, well really! How blasphemous is that? Still, now it's time for "The Doctor's Wife", the Neil Gaiman episode, ooooh!

Also, don't forget Eurocon in a month and a bit. You have only two weeks to sign up!


Nov. 18th, 2010 09:23 am
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Urgh, glasses. The reason I got contact lenses was so I wouldn't have to have them chafing on my nose and ears. But my eyes got too dry recently and I had to resort to glasses for a while.

In fact, all of me is too dry, nose, skin, everything. Would if help if I drink more? (drink!) I only drink when I'm thirsty. Never subscribed to any "theories" or "diets" or stuff like that, too much trouble.

Anyway, on Monday we (Club Cosmos and WCT) went to the local observatory and looked at a whole lot of moons -- four Jovian ones and one Luna -- and got a nice lecture on exoplanets by [info]egghunter. Everyone seemed satisfied with the event, maybe we'll do it again soon. Let's just hope we're that lucky with the weather again: the rainclouds in the morning blew away during the day and the evening was clear. That almost never happens in Gbg normally!

Next week we'll go see "Harry Potter 7". Or is it "7a"? Whatever; maybe I should see movie no. 6 first...

My mother is doing so-so. The wound on her leg is bothering her much, as it has since June or May. Ever stronger medications and painkillers to keep her level and sleeping at night. At least they didn't have to go to the hospital the latest time she plunged into the black hole.

And I've been out looking at one rock outcrop in Angered, and will soon look at another in Klippan. Actually, that latter one is the same hill on which stands the old fortress Gamla Älvsborgs fästning. Cool. Also, I'll go to a "feedback meeting" regarding the road being built north of Gbg (E45), with lots of rockworks. There was a rock mass fall there earlier this year. The meeting will be on the lines of "why didn't you foresee this and put it into the tender documents?" only we did, but no one wanted to think about large rock falls so it was hushed up. Or something, I wasn't involved in that part of the works then. It will be interesting!
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I've just come home from "Predators" -- two hours of thinking of something else but I'd rather have seen a cartoon, it was too slow and not enough Arnold -- and found a foul thing on my doorstep: election advertising from sverigedemokraterna. Ew! Where can I chuck it demonstratively with loathing, so they see it?

(sverigedemokraterna is the biggest right wing populist party who claim they're not nazis at all, suuuuure.)

My mother is still home, but they're going to the clinic every day to change dressings on a leg wound that's getting worse and worse. It's the physical ailments that brought on the emotional crisis, and they're still just as bad as when it all started. We're all taking one day at a time, with more or less pain. When I talk to people about it, it turns out there are far too many stories about pharmaceutical abuse and severe depression. It's just not something you discuss publicly. I guess it's too painful, and also shameful.

So a good dose of Hyacinth should be in order.

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