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Gosh, amazon claims they have shipped all those movies I ordered -- already. That means I might get them next Monday or summat. Oooooooh! *dies with anticipation*


Today I have assembled things to pack, and written a speech. Well, most of the speech is here already *), but I've _written_ it, in longhand, on a really long scroll. Hopefully it will look all sorts of impressive and pompous tomorrow when I unfurl it. That's at least the effect I'll be striving for when reading it aloud. (Yes, it's another tolkienist party, in Stockholm this time.)

Speaking (haha) of which, in the "Victory of the Daleks" Confidential episode Ian McNeice talks about how he did his Churchill. This was almost exactly the same method I used for giving Churchill/Middle-earth speeches. Haha! Great minds etc.


If you haven't already seen it, here's something funny. I came across the book at the Book Fair here last September, quite by accident. Funny clips. And the book is hilarious. Instantly familiar to anyone with cats.


*) only now that I wrote it down did I realise the beginning is a paraphrase of the "Star Wars" opening crawl
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Hey, where did my computering go?

First I had a visit from [info]therru on Saturday-Sunday, for a big wedding/baby/naming/xmas party -- at which the first snow started falling, what timing! It was very nice hanging out with therru, got to do that more often. Btw, thanks for the DVD, it arrived today!

Then on Monday and Tuesday I was out on the railroad again, this time between Uddevalla and Göteborg. Snow on the railroad cuttings, made it difficult to see, inspect and classify. And then it got dark at oh-too-early o'clock! But it was very picturesque around lake Hällungen.

Followed by a very nice Club Cosmos do, meeting at Lejontrappan for some glögg and waving huge tomtebloss around (cool, Jim!) and then dinner at The Golden Days. Mmmm yum.

Yesterday: road safety course all day. I almost fell asleep. The teacher has done this for a long time and was obviously a bit fed up with it so he kept telling stories about the real world. But hey, our study material?

Today, catching up on all the office stuff I haven't been able to do this week, so no surfing today either. But I did manage to get away early enough to look at a possible venue for this summer's SF convention. It was coooold, icy winds and more snow. Brrr.

Now I'll relax a bit and perhaps watch some more early "Sharpe" adventures. Stupid TV8 only showed the two latest movies so I had to go buy the stuff from the 90s at Movieline.
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Man, I'm tired!

Three days of physical labour and mental tension, plus socialising, laughter and a lot of food... I'm still dead beat. And here I am, back at the office staring at a computer screen. All I want to do is sleep!

This year's big tolkienist party felt, I don't know, slightly off. Maybe because all my carefully prepared props and games were put to hardly any use at all. But that's because of the atrocious weather: on Friday, sunshine and hardly a breeze. Today, sunshine and hardly a breeze. Saturday: continuous walls of water and galeforce winds, abating slightly on Sunday. Heeeeeeey....

Here's my dinner speech. Can you name the original version and who delivered it?

"Good evening. In less than an hour, filled cups from here will join others from around the tables. And you will be launching one of the loudest eglerios in the history of Mithlond.

Mithlond -- that word should have new meaning for all of us today.

We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.

We will be united in our common interests.

Perhaps it’s fate that today is a Saturday, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution -- but from too tight clothing.

We're fighting for our right to eat, to party.

And should we win the day, the Saturday will no longer be known as a Mithlond holiday, but as the day when the tolkienist world declared in one voice:

"We will not go quietly into the night!

We will not vanish without a bun fight!

We're going to party on!

We're going to shout eglerio!"

Today, we celebrate our Indulgence Day!"

At home now I have no sofa or coffe table or easy-chairs. They were sold off and carted away yesterday. Now the hunt for new furniture commences! A long sofa that I can stretch out on fully, aaah. I anticipate falling asleep to the TV even better than before. Maybe I'll even get that TV bench I planned for when I got the flat screen TV three years ago? Excitement!

*grins like the Doctor*
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... the guy who sold me a "Kapten Stofil"-album yesterday at the book fair asked me if I wanted it signed. Turned out to be Joakim Lindengren himself. Hah!


Most things are set for this weekend's big tolkienist do. Hopefully all my well-thought-out plans will work out in reality. Epic FAIL if they don't, like the käpphästar won't be mounted or something.



In two weeks I'm going to Stockholm for railroad work. I'll be staying on Söder this time, but not at Alexandra Hotel (except during Imagicon). Boy were they stuck up and snide! Bastards!

The work stretches over two weeks. Hopefully I'll be done by then but apparently it's quite a lot of railroad-cuts to cover. Ten A4-pages of information to fill out for every cut! In other similar projects it's been one page, or just half a page, even. Sheesh. Here's the "bandel" where I'll be working.


I'm getting a new computer at work, hopefully one that doesn't take five minutes to open or close a document, and that doesn't send the mouse cursor flying all over the screen randomly. What on earth was the matter with it today? Perhaps it was my new external hard-drive that I plugged in to keep music and stuff on -- the brand name is ZAP.

How could I not choose such an item!

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