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newts! Newts under a rock in Ulricehamn
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tunnel-moon Stenungsötunneln off Tjörnbron, inspection work dec 09
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Another pub night with Club Cosmos over and done with. Lots of people attended, even two trekkers! And a visiting Orc! Boy did it get really loud when the level of enthusiasm rose and rose. I ordered a funny dessert: deep-fried camembert cheese on cloudberry jam... and fried parsley on top. That looked really weird. And beer!

No photos this time. I've decided to purge all pictures of people, except the blurry ones or group shots where you can hardly see who is who anyway. But all the fun ones must go, they're too much of an invasion of privacy. It's a pity really, I wanted to share them, but it's not nice to the ppl in them. So, purgelipurge! And lock all albums!

Another event that won't be photo-journalled is when Mithlond goes to Skändla this evening. Today is the ninth day of the ninth month in th year '09, so we'll be celebrating the Fellowship by walking around a hill with lots of archaeology on it. It's a nice walk in the forest, with informative plaques about the history and prehistory of the place. The really interesting part, though, is getting there, with Värsttrafik... *looks it up* Hey, no one has registered the name yet!

Tomorrow our whole office, and our Stockholm colleagues, will go to the enormour metropolis Skövde for "team-building exercises". Sounds scary... but the dress code apparently doesn't prescribe gym clothes or outdoors gear. Perhaps I'll avoid the mountaineering, stafettlöpning and dirt-biking this time too! Hooray!

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