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What's this about burning Qu'ran books in the US? Have they gone totally bonkers? Jeez. Have they not read their own Bible, with the "turn the other cheek" and "do unto others" passages? Or is this a church that reads the Bible selectively, only the bits that conform to their set opinions are deemed holy?

Oh wait, isn't that how fundamentalists have always read their holy texts?

Election campaigns are going into the final lap here now. I just passed some center partists at a little pamphlet&coffee table that they had set up smack in the middle of the sidewalk. The bicycles had to swerve around it. But I have already voted so I can ignore them all, muahaha! Very slick operation it was to vote too, lots of election workers shunting ppl along between front desk, voting booths and ballot receptacles.

Now I'll prepare writing material and gear for tomorrow's night work down a mine, smash 72m of drillcores into little bits, and meet&greet some young interns from Trafikverket. Busy day ahead!
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I've just come home from "Predators" -- two hours of thinking of something else but I'd rather have seen a cartoon, it was too slow and not enough Arnold -- and found a foul thing on my doorstep: election advertising from sverigedemokraterna. Ew! Where can I chuck it demonstratively with loathing, so they see it?

(sverigedemokraterna is the biggest right wing populist party who claim they're not nazis at all, suuuuure.)

My mother is still home, but they're going to the clinic every day to change dressings on a leg wound that's getting worse and worse. It's the physical ailments that brought on the emotional crisis, and they're still just as bad as when it all started. We're all taking one day at a time, with more or less pain. When I talk to people about it, it turns out there are far too many stories about pharmaceutical abuse and severe depression. It's just not something you discuss publicly. I guess it's too painful, and also shameful.

So a good dose of Hyacinth should be in order.
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We're having an election in a month, and all the election posters are getting up all over town. Not everyone is happy with this, and on my way to work I notice that the classic defacements aren't dead yet. Representatives for the liberal party have had their big mugs adorned with hitler moustaches and blackened teeth! Haha!


Oct. 22nd, 2009 09:48 am
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British Nationalist Party leader to appear on BBC, protests happen.

But where were the protests when our own version of this took place the other day? There, suddenly, was Jimmie Åkesson in the morning sofa on TV, looking all respectable and Christian Democrat-like in suit and tie. Battling censorship is one thing, but actively inviting them in, those ppl, that's another thing entirely. What on earth were you thinking, SVT?!

Avgå Fredrik Reinfeldt!

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