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tunnel-moon Stenungsötunneln off Tjörnbron, inspection work dec 09
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Back from a wet day in the woods. I tagged along a hydro colleague as she checked groundwater levels in wells and pipes. Also looked at some rocks. Under one rock we found a nest of newts! Tiny little lizard feet!

On Saturday I was in the road tunnel leading onto the Tjörn bridges. Colleague R and I were there to inspect it and test rock stability. You do this with a scaling rod (skrotspett in Swedish), tapping it against the rock and listening to the sound it makes. If it goes "ding ding ding" it's OK. If it goes "bok" it's not OK. Sounds easy? Then you haven't tried lifting the scaling rod yet!

It was unusual working there, since it was a road tunnel on a road that had been closed for the night -- and it is situated right next to the biggest nightclub around, Stenungsbaden. This meant there were a lot of ppl walking, or crawling, through it on their way home after a wet Saturday night. Most of them walked straight on past us but some insisted on standing around and watching, or calling funny things at us, or trying to pick a fight. Drunk ppl display complete lack of self-preservation as rocks keep falling down from the tunnel roof. Oh dear.

We never have that sort of problem in railway tunnels!

Anyway, long night's work, which meant I totally missed ep 1 of "Sharpe's Challenge". I know [info]bracke is a fan of it so I was curious to try it out. Didn't miss it on Sunday though -- hey neat! Also, Sean Bean. After having watched "The Animated Mr Bean", haha.


Nov. 19th, 2009 12:38 pm
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A really miserable, typical November day: rain rain rain overcast fog rain. And more rain.

I tagged along to road 45 this morning to look at difficult places along the rock works. Really difficult ones, like, will this tunnel that's already built here survive? Eep. And we saw a borehole in one rock cut where water welled up from somewhere below. Boy did it look like the waters of Mars!

Now I'm home and dry with a cinnamon bun, coffee and this. Yay!

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