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Waiting for the US "The Office", not enough time to start either "The Sarah Jane Adventures" or "The Muppet Show". Too early for food too; today at least I went out and bought some vegetables to eat.

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching Almodóvar movies, "Todo sobre mi madre", "Hable con ella", "La mala educación" and "Volver". Thanks, T, for lending me the box!

Last week I was out doing more inspections along the railroad to Borås. It rained _a lot_ on Friday, when we also found a dead owl, almost completely intact, it looked taxidermied, and a small live frog. Also, I heard about Lermannen (the Mud Man), apparently a well-known character among construction workers. He turns up at dig sites and asks if he can wallow in the mud. Then he drives off. There are some seriously weird ppl out there!
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Just one more day and then I'm offski! in the evening. The overcast is still miles-thick, there's a SJA loading somewhere in the 1s and 0s in the computer, and a whole lot of papers to check.

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