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On Friday I slaved over presentations of financial data for the trekkers club -- beautiful charts that then actually couldn't be shown because of a) format incompatibility or b) wrong kind of cable. D'oh! But it was the last thing I did for WCT; at least I went out on a high note, with a really really good result. I've handed over most of the stuff to my successor on the treasury chair (she's the one who used to work for Wessex Archaeology, run by Phil on "Time Team") and now I am free -- FREE -- from all financial responsibilities.

Until Friday, ie, when I take over the cashbox of Club Cosmos. D'oh! again.

It has snowed quite a lot lately and yesterday I went out to look at it in the bright sunshine. Wow! Amazing! The whitescape is incredibly pretty, and at the right angle, the reflexions on the way-subzero snow looks like marengue frosting. Also the shades and shapes of drifts and sastrugi, especially in the cemetery with contrasting bits of ironworks and stuff. My camera said "charge batteries" far too soon.

There was a tolkienist event at the nearby old prison yesterday. It has been converted into a ... er, cultural house (kulturhus), with library and other services. I'm always amazed there are so many ppl in these places, they seem really popular. Our tiny event was try out handicraft techniques, quite nice. At the end of it, Jim called with disturbing news and then I went home and watched "Doctor Who".

P.S. Don't be a morally superior tidy person! This is a lesson I learned all-too-empirically yesterday, when the door I brushed clean of snow so it would close (and not let in riffraff) promptly froze and I couldn't get it open. Effectively locked out by my own stuck-up-ness!
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That's hopefully my last, or penultimate, book-keeping chore done for WCT! Phew it was a harsh one, all these posts to fill out. I really won't be sorry to quit being treasurer there...

... only to take up another treasurer post in Club Cosmos. I don't see why they want me to do that, I only narrowly got out of being treasurer for Mithlond too. My problem with numbers is quite severe, as in, I loathe them and they detest me back. Not quite dyscalcula but if it is possible to do something wrong with numbers, I'm sure to do it.

That's why all my book-keeping notes are made in pencil. I learnt that _very_ quickly.

Well, at least the CC financial back history is nowhere near as bulky as WCT's. I'll be liberating quite a lot of space in my cellar and under my bed, yay. And no more cranky members who don't know how to interact in polite society! It's no real secret that that is the main reason I quit now.

Also, Star Trek... not so hot anymore. The occasional Shatner or "DS9", yes, but otherwise, meh. Not with a new series of "Dr Who" coming up, and all the other stuff that steals my time from reading books. Sheesh, I haven't finished one book since the Xmas holidays! But that's mainly because the complete "Sherlock Holmes" is so thick. And I quite fear reading the end of Fafhrd & The Mouser, M says it is very painful.

One thing I do hope I will read soon, though, is the announcement that we will _finally_ have a guest of honour for Swecon this summer! Iain Banks, please respond!


Nov. 24th, 2009 09:22 am
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Celebrating the "Doctor Who" birthday with four Eccleston eps, including The Empty Child, with commentaries. Mmm, good show.

Also, I didn't have to go out and do fieldwork in the rain yesterday -- I sent someone else out to do it! Muahahaha! Today it's actually _not_ raining, there's even a patch or two of blue sky, amazing. No sun though, that would be too much I guess.

I've just had the IT manager (they're both called Erik so it's more or less one guy) to cancel the write-protect on my Programs file, so I could update my browser and other things, and make it possible to save drafts and preferences and other completely necessary things for making programs run within specified parameters. Sheesh, whoever thought of blocking access to preferences?! But the Microsoft firewall still won't let me connect to mIRC... or download pictures from my camera. Oy.

We had Star Treff 50: Diseases on Sunday, when the rain bucketed down more than usual. Nice, snug, warm and dry cinema theatre! Quite a lot of ppl showed up too, despite weather and the change of day. We had booked the Saturday, and some Big Cooperation the Sunday -- but the Big Cooperation then went out in their advertising and claimed they had the Saturday... so we had to move. Still, we got that booking free so not very hard feelings.

Not like the time we screwed up ourselves...


Oct. 27th, 2009 05:09 pm
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Here I sit, waiting to go to a WCT-meeting. I can't access mIRC anymore, and now I can't communicate via that Other Site which mustn't be named either -- some buttons simply can't be clicked anymore. What is this? A deliberate attempt from the powers that be to keep me from being unproductive at work? Or just some digital cock-up?

At least today the weather was good. Hopefully tomorrow too, as I'm going out to Borås to inspect more railway cuts.

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