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*reading the latest Charlie Stross novel* wheee, lovecraftian horrors and mention of Forteana!

Otherwise I'm mixing "Dr Who" and Star Wars, an interesting combination. Rewatching "Attack of the Clones", I can tell it was made before nine-eleven: Amidala's firm belief in pacifism and the film's message that peace is what good guys do (never mind explosive heroics) would never ever have worked in a film made just a year later. Even now those passages sound wrong, because we've been bombarded with propaganda that war is good if the good guys say so and we must smite back at those who would oppose us.

Also, in the "Clone Wars" series there are little words of wisdom at the beginning of each episode; one of them was that compromise can be good. This you never ever hear in Hollywood propaganda either. Compromise is always made out as something evil and smelly, that pinko leftists or atheists engage in (ew).

Food for thought when criticising the Lucasfilm juggernaut.


Jul. 7th, 2010 02:36 pm
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Now I know why my home isn't filled with action figures: it's simply and only because mainstream Swedish toy stores don't sell products from the shows I like. Now that I've fallen hard for "The Clone Wars", though... I already have an R2D2 and Anakin. They only came together (their love is so pure!) so I guess Anakin is such a popular figure all his single-packs are sold out.

Also, there is this.

Oh dear.


Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:14 pm
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Soon I will watch "Spartacus", as ordered by lunatic. Yessir! But first some more "Doctor Who" re-watching.... after having finished "The Clone Wars" the series.

I liked it! Especially Anakin, whom they have drawn grim and brooding like he should be, and the voice actor has given him that gung-ho Luke-in-A-New-Hope quality which makes a really nice contrast to his face. And Obi-Wan's actor has chosen to make him completely camp! Think Cosmo Devine in "Invaders From Mars" level of camp. Haha! Move over, Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor interpretations of the character, he will now always be soooo gay to me. *snigger*

The animation is kinda awkward, in that LEXX way where there is amazing things going on technically at the same time as embarrassingly wobbly sets. Like, there are some really interesting alien landscapes, and they do faces quite well, but all the figures walk like they're in some really old video game. Oh, and the droid soldiers are really funny. I want to watch more!

many voices

Jun. 5th, 2010 07:22 pm
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There is a new recording of bus and tram stops on the buses and trams. It used to be some deep-voiced Stockholm guy who read out the names (apparently he was a member of the original tolkien society here in town), but now the recordings have been changed, maybe because the first guy died.

The new voice is difficult to tell if it's male or female, the first thing that makes it a bit odd. The second thing that makes it a bit odd I just realised: it has the exact same intonation as the first Daleks in "Power of the Daleks"! You know, the ones saying "I am your servant?" -- or more lately, Bracewell's Ironsides in "Victory of the Daleks" saying "I am your soldier?". Haha!

Makes me giggle silently every time.

Today I went to an arts exhibit opening at Röhsska. It's graduation material from design schools, and not a very sparkling lot this year. The best piece was a huge Smilodon skull replica made of some sort of metal, with artillery shells or something in it. And some other guy who worked with spheres, made me think of [info]egghunter, looked just like her kind of things. The rest, meh.

But on the way I bought "The Clone Wars". Last week I zapped past an episode being shown on Cartoon Network, and got hooked. It was really good! -- as long as I kept the sound right down. If I turned up the Swedish dub, it immediately got really bad. Swedish-dubbed cartoons eh? Gotta hate'em.

Now I'm trying to draw a cartoon myself, for the program booklet of the upcoming SF convention. Got any iconic literary spaceships or planets or something that I can spoof? I already have Martian tripods, a sandworm, the Enterprise, a TIE-fighter, Daleks (of course), the XFLR6 from Tintin, Alfred Bester's "Tiger Tiger" and the inside of a Dyson sphere.

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