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For once I'm not hung over on this day, what a novel and nice experience.

During breakfast I got stuck watching a Pettson & Findus movie, so cute. Adorable, even! Now I'm getting down to the work I could have finished weeks ago but only started on a few days ago: radio news snippets from the '30s and '40s, illustrating the world of the Inklings. This is for our Tolkien's Birthday Party on Monday. It's fun to do research!

This sort of work means not having to go out and that's just fine by me: the rain last night exposed the old ice crust on the roads and sidewalks, and added some more on top. Not my kind of road condition, I have ice-phobia after slipping and breaking my collar-bone when I was nine.

So, back to the iPad! It's turning out to be a real useful work tool, who knew.
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I have a new camera! My old camera has finally given up the ghost (in the machine) and I have been "forced" to get a new one -- a Canon Eos 500D. Woo! I spent all of yesterday playing with it, doing wide-angle and close-ups and all those settings you can fiddle with. Fun!

For the upcoming tolkienist party (30 september - 4 october) I plan to make picture postcards to sell in the shop I am in charge of. Those postcards I mean to be readily recognisable views of Göteborg, with amusing mis-labellings like "Turgon" for Gustav II Adolf and "The Girdle of Melian" for the main entrance of Liseberg. (Those of you planning to attend have now been spoiled!) For which I need a function camera, hence the recent purchase!

Like I would need an excuse...

Another purchase that needs to be done is Dorothy Sayers novels. I've spent a couple of days searching through the local libraries, and they all contain "Lord Peter's Last Case" and maybe one other, and I'm talking both English and Swedish versions. Cheesus! Thank the maker for Amazon, is all I say. Not even used-books stores have them.

When I hunted through the Göteborg City Library, I also looked for tolkien books to insert insidious advertising into. But where were the tolkien books? Not in the "non-literature" department up on the main fiction level where they've been for the last few decades -- you know, detective fiction, SF, horror and fantasy -- not even in the mainstream fiction shelves where they used to be stored until the nineties. After increasingly incredulous searches I finally did find them... in the children's department!

That's right, according to Gbg libraries, Tolkien and all fantasy is children's literature.

How'bout that.


Jan. 21st, 2010 02:17 pm
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Vad jag fick ut av gårdagens quenya-kurs: "Vad sa alven som fick syn på sig själv i spegeln?" "Cenixen!"

(Cenixen = 1:a person reflexivt presens av "se", tydligen.)
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Watched all of "The Fellowship of the Ring" yesterday. Gosh, it's still very pretty. But I must get new head-phones, or at least cushions for the ones I have, except the salesmen only look affronted when I ask if they have any and say they've never heard of replacement KOSS head-phone cushions plz to go away nao. Pff, salesppl...

It's still snowy here, still all set for Mr Claws. Too snowy to go out to look at railroad cuts, I wouldn't be able to see anything and the pictures would be all *blank* *white* *blur*

Anyway, back to Tolkien. Has anyone heard of this? Worth attending? Anyone going to Eastercon, btw? I'm going, I just need a) hotel and b) flights. So no worries then!

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