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I have "Sherlock Holmes"! And I've just watched it again, muahaha, and laughed. Fun!

In fact I've watched a slew of Holmes movies recently. "A Study in Terror" was rather bad, but it _was_ from 1965. It showed. It's another Jack the Ripper story and a lot more lurid than later ones. A few days ago I watched "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" from 1970, which I liked a lot, even though Watson got rather annoying towards the end. Christopher Lee as Mycroft, how'bout that, and the Loch Ness monster no less! Plus if the Downey/Law movie is slashy, this one is more text than subtext...

Still got the Cyberman version with Dominic Keating to watch. But perhaps later. There's so much to watch! And to read!

Yesterday was the Big Book Exchange Day here, and the tolkienists had a small get-together at a central café to exchange books. I brought some to work too, and the net result was a decided minus for me, yay. That is to say, I took less books home than I brought out.

Speaking of tolkienists, I went to Sthlm on Saturday to their big Spring party there. Boy was it Spring! We left from 10C Gbg and arrived at 25C Sthlm... bringing clothes for chilly climates. Stifle! Sweat! But it was a fun party, maybe slightly because I consumed a whole bottle of red wine and quite a lot of whisky, plus Gimli gave me free drinks in the bar. Whee!

Just slightly tired the next day, which involved a seven-hour car journey home. Having to be funny, interesting and _social_ for seven hours... with someone who confessed to being infatuated with me, I slowly gathered after a while. Ugh. From now on I'll always go by train, it only takes three hours and you don't have to _talk_.

Work is slightly hysterical again, but what can one expect when two days a week are removed from proper working hours. Yesterday we had an interesting lecture day, about rock bolting and shotcrete, and today we went on a mini-conference to a spa hotel in Varberg. "Muscle harmony exercises" -- doesn't it sound a lot like slow, easy yoga? It's not, it's a full-blown gym session. Ow! But the saunas and bubble pools afterwards were very nice.

And the weather is still wonderful. Warm and sunny, with occasional explosive thunder storms. The bbqs are out today, as our shorts and t-shirts. Aah. Hopefully no heavy rainclouds on Sunday, when we're going on a picnic in Slottsskogen. But hey, that would be traditional so why not. "Picnic? Bring hip-waders!"
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The gas bell looks mysterious today, the top shrouded in very low clouds. It is an unusual day, as there is no more sunshine. Lately the weather has been very nice, warm and sunny during the day, cold and icy during the night.

Very much so during the weekend before last, when I was back in Norrköping inspecting railroad tunnels. Spring is much further off there than it is here -- thick snow with a hard crust that you sink through, so cold all the snow was hard and perfect for igloo-making, stars glittering harshly overhead. And in the tunnels, behind the inner ceilings, there was a magical kingdom of frost. Beautiful! See this.

Next week we go to another tunnel, a local one this time, and not at all like the ones in Norrköping. This is a recently built road tunnel, with a grimy roof over the roadbed and crawl space behind inner walls. Also some areas off the main tunnels, with giant fans and, quite surprisingly, archives. Plus restrooms, hooray! We'll be putting in five 8hr-nights starting on Monday, and then again after Easter. Phew.

Eastercon will be like a vacation! I just hope our hotel reservations are still valid. Couldn't get hold of the hotel to ask, so O_o. If it doesn't work we'll just have to crash some other attendees, I guess, muahaha.

Speaking of which, don't miss Condense, the heavy convention. There are clues about our second guest of honour somewhere on that site -- can you find it?
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Even if I wanted to, I don't dare go out. The snow is falling off our roof -- and I guess other roofs as well -- with loud, seismic crashes. Right over the sidewalks! Unless I wear a helmet, I'm not daring that.

Yesterday I got elected treasurer for Club Cosmos. It seems a much more relaxed position than in WCT. The only way to pay someone is go to the bank and withdraw cash to pay them with!

Last week's try-it-out day of handicrafts got me inspired to make something. And my re-awakening interest in American Indian stuff leads me to try out finger-weaving. Fiddly! even more so if one's fingers are frayed from dryness and scratching.

Also inspired by glow-in-the-dark mushrooms, I'm going ahead with painting planets. I started that before Christmas but never got around to finish it -- like with so many projects. But now winter darkness is slowly lifting so I can actually see to work, away from the lightsources by the TV. Gosh. Well, it would be light if the overcast went away. But when it does, the temperature falls and all the slush turns to solid ice again. We need a Föhn wind to blow it all away, _now_!
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On Friday I slaved over presentations of financial data for the trekkers club -- beautiful charts that then actually couldn't be shown because of a) format incompatibility or b) wrong kind of cable. D'oh! But it was the last thing I did for WCT; at least I went out on a high note, with a really really good result. I've handed over most of the stuff to my successor on the treasury chair (she's the one who used to work for Wessex Archaeology, run by Phil on "Time Team") and now I am free -- FREE -- from all financial responsibilities.

Until Friday, ie, when I take over the cashbox of Club Cosmos. D'oh! again.

It has snowed quite a lot lately and yesterday I went out to look at it in the bright sunshine. Wow! Amazing! The whitescape is incredibly pretty, and at the right angle, the reflexions on the way-subzero snow looks like marengue frosting. Also the shades and shapes of drifts and sastrugi, especially in the cemetery with contrasting bits of ironworks and stuff. My camera said "charge batteries" far too soon.

There was a tolkienist event at the nearby old prison yesterday. It has been converted into a ... er, cultural house (kulturhus), with library and other services. I'm always amazed there are so many ppl in these places, they seem really popular. Our tiny event was try out handicraft techniques, quite nice. At the end of it, Jim called with disturbing news and then I went home and watched "Doctor Who".

P.S. Don't be a morally superior tidy person! This is a lesson I learned all-too-empirically yesterday, when the door I brushed clean of snow so it would close (and not let in riffraff) promptly froze and I couldn't get it open. Effectively locked out by my own stuck-up-ness!


Feb. 3rd, 2010 09:22 am
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Urrgh, who is smoking next to the fresh-air intake, and why won't they stop?!

More snow dumped on us last night. It made a very nice and quiet night, with almost no car sounds at all until I ventured out again this morning. Now even the thouroughfares are pretty clogged, not just the pedestrian bits of road away from main shopping areas. I want a toboggan too, wheee!

All this snow, above and below, makes for a very nasty orange glow at night. It's like living in a frozen fire: the glare is constant, not flickering. I find the brightness and the colour quite unnerving. Pits of hell, anyone?

At 1500hr yesterday my back started itching something awful and it hasn't really stopped yet. Wtf? Not wearing anything helps, but that's not really a viable option at work, is it...

Taking a break in the "Holmes" watching, with "ReGenesis". Mmmm, Canadian shows... that guest star Hugh Dillon...
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Yesterday it snowed heavily. Then it rained a lot, turning everything into thick slush. Finally it snowed again.

This morning it was like the road maintenance dept had decided to give the citizens a treat: skating rinks all over the streets! Yay! I noticed there are ppl who detest ice even more than I do. Hooray, I'm not the wimpiest for once!


Today is our big Open Office day, for which we have worked like mad for the last week, or at least the last 24hr. We also have a new doorbell installed. Its chime would be approved by my icon. When it rings, it rings with a vengeance. No one else here has heard of the Bouqueeeeeeet residence. There are so many suppressed jokes. Oh nice!
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Yay, an episode of "Sherlock Holmes" that I missed last year, because the DVD player decided it didn't want to run it! And it had Ian Marter in it too, haha.


Meetings galore here, and then tomorrow we have an "open house" for clients and customers. Gotta make a quiz for it! Like, "what was Bergab's first project", "who are these strange ppl in old photos?" and "what departments do we have now?"

At least I got the office library up and running in time for it. All I need now are plastic VHS covers, which I will acquire later today. Unless I get stuck in a wet snow-drift. Man it's disgusting weather out there! The wet snow or water-with-texture effectively hides the ice sheets that cover the sidewalks, brrr.


Addict-a-ball! I brought it to work yesterday, to spread the poison. Muahaha.
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The weather services claim it's getting warmer, close to 0 degrees C. Thus, yesterday I went without the longjohns and -shirt. Big mistake! I haven't been that cold all winter! So today it was back with the silk underwear, and they really are the most amazingly good things to wear. Cool yet not cold. Wow. Thanks therru for pointing them out!


It's been a while, but right now I've gone berserk on amazon again. Mmm, all those old Sherlock Holmes movies I've been meaning to get but haven't gotten around to until now... All of it non-Doyle stuff too. Plus "The Web of Fear" again -- let's hope this time I actually get the Dr Who soundtrack and not something else like last time I ordered it and got... "Gone With the Wind" soundtrack. O_o how did they figure that?


The danger of watching all of "Black Books": when it's over I want to start over again right away. It's addictive! Got to get myself a Fran icon, she's brilliant. Or rather, Tamsin Greig is brilliant. Heart!


And all of this feels pretty lame and mean when the news shows the devastation in Haiti. Boy am I glad I don't live there! Or at any other place that isn't middle-class Sweden. I've got a job that is actually rewarding, not just money-wise; I've got a flat (although it's tiny) and enough money to buy all the food I need; I'm completely normal and average, no one is persecuting me; my society is one of the best-functioning ones in the world; climate and tectonics are mild and still. Thank the maker!


Dec. 26th, 2009 04:24 pm
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We've been quite British this year, doing Chistmas on the 25th rather than the normal Swedish 24th. In keeping with the book I got: "Döda vita män" (Dead White Men) about excentric Brits enlivening the 20th century. Also the "Dr Who" Christmas special which I'm about to watch, ooh. Charlie Stross almost spoiled me but I managed to skip past that part of his lj. Phew.

For once it's a white Christmas here, and the cat is enjoying it hugely. Well, not when he's out on his own but when humans come along to watch him cavort, and throw snow at him. He looks like a little lynx.
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Watched all of "The Fellowship of the Ring" yesterday. Gosh, it's still very pretty. But I must get new head-phones, or at least cushions for the ones I have, except the salesmen only look affronted when I ask if they have any and say they've never heard of replacement KOSS head-phone cushions plz to go away nao. Pff, salesppl...

It's still snowy here, still all set for Mr Claws. Too snowy to go out to look at railroad cuts, I wouldn't be able to see anything and the pictures would be all *blank* *white* *blur*

Anyway, back to Tolkien. Has anyone heard of this? Worth attending? Anyone going to Eastercon, btw? I'm going, I just need a) hotel and b) flights. So no worries then!
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Gosh, it's really snowing a lot now, big fluffy flakes drifting past my office window. Pretty! And it muffles the sound of the traffic, what a blessing.
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SMHI said, clear skies, sunshine, galeforce winds! What we were met by this morning: snow.


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