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For once I'm not hung over on this day, what a novel and nice experience.

During breakfast I got stuck watching a Pettson & Findus movie, so cute. Adorable, even! Now I'm getting down to the work I could have finished weeks ago but only started on a few days ago: radio news snippets from the '30s and '40s, illustrating the world of the Inklings. This is for our Tolkien's Birthday Party on Monday. It's fun to do research!

This sort of work means not having to go out and that's just fine by me: the rain last night exposed the old ice crust on the roads and sidewalks, and added some more on top. Not my kind of road condition, I have ice-phobia after slipping and breaking my collar-bone when I was nine.

So, back to the iPad! It's turning out to be a real useful work tool, who knew.
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I just went for another walk in the lovely winter landscape -- glittering snow, cold vapours over the sea, a clutch of swans in the inlet, wading through knee-deep soft snow...

... but not a sign of skis. When I was a kid we'd get out on skis anywhere and anywhen but that seems to have stopped now. Are contemporary skis so advanced and technological you can only use them under controlled conditions, in properly maintained tracks under electric lights ("elljusspår")? Or is global warming so far advanced that it just doesn't occur to anyone that they could actually just go out and ski at home?

Maybe it's just too cold, -13c makes most ppl stay indoors. Cats certainly do. Rrrrr.

winter hols

Dec. 9th, 2010 11:59 am
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It's really picture postcard perfect outside now, snow-covered trees under a dazzling blue sky. So pretty!

As long as you don't look at the roads, that is. At the end of the last snowy season, the caretakers in our house left a broom in the stairwell, for us to clean our shoes with. Within a week all the snow was gone, and the broom has been standing in a corner all through summer - until about a week before this snowy season took off! Now there is no more broom in the stairwell, and boy could we use one...

I spy with my little eye: a train, and a tram, actually moving through the snow. Gosh! Last night, after our annual Christmas party and humongous dinner at a famous fish restuarant, the tram home didn't break down until just a few stops from home. Hooray! And some trains are only 30min late, that's practically on time.

Now it feels like Christmas is over. Considering the rate at which my Mother is deteriorating, it might very well be all the Christmas I'll get this year. Oh well, that's life. At least the weather is pretty to look at.

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