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Yesterday I was out surveying rocks amid preparations to widen a local railway ("amid" is the current buzz-word at BBC). As the day progressed, Spring sprang.

Around lunchtime I saw the first tussilago, apparently called coltsfoot in English, and a couple of hours later they were everywhere, along with other yellow flowers. There was even a small dandelion growing in a crack in a south-facing rock wall. In the afternoon bumblebees and butterflies had emerged. Leaf buds were on the verge of erupting.

This had to be celebrated with an ice cream when I was finished with my work. Mmm, first ice cream of the season, delicious.

A week ago it was so cold my fingers almost fell off when writing up data out in a tunnel.
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Hm, when I looked in on #lexx yesterday Mira pressganged me into Fallen London. This has the potential of stealing all my time...

And that's pretty much what I feel constantly these days. I'm not driving my own fate, I'm just running to catch up as events unfold ahead of me. Work, Mithlond-fandom-WCT, books: no time to plan and decide, just a headlong rush, stumbling after the finish line. I think, I'll do x when I'm done with y, but before that z, w and alpha have already cropped up, demanding attention.


It's probably just this assignment I accepted that needs a gamma-spectrometer that makes me jumpy. I've never used one and I don't quite know where to get hold of one, but you can't say that when ppl ask you to do a job for them. "Yes, we can do anything!" is the proper response. Once I've got a lead on the machine everything will settle down nicely and I can enjoy my Pink Floyd again.
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... I've inspected three railway tunnels and choked at fumes in the local oil harbour, as well as battled bridge & tunnel management systems. Also read several books (though not enough to make a dent in the to-read-pile, it keeps regenerating), John le Carré rocks. "Written In Bones" arrived in less than a week, not the 30-40 weeks that led me to believe. I missed out on "Iron Sky" due to two of those tunnels but hope to be able to catch "The Avengers". And yesterday I had a lot of fun watching the local techno-students' parade, Chalmers-cortegen, which I've only seen once before. I'm never in town on Valborg!

Now the tempreature has finally crept above 15 degrees C there's a thick haze of BBQ smoke over the neighourhood. Something I hope to explore to greater olfactory and gustatory satisfaction in October when we go to South Africa.

But first, lots more episodes of "The Mentalist", my current obsession!


Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:45 am
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Yesterday I went to see National Theatre's "A Comedy of Errors", starring Lenny Henry. It was set in modern-day London, with the visiting Syracusians being Nigerians. At first it jarred a bit, hearing Shakespeare's words coming from sharply dressed mobsters, but then it became hilarious. Hi-la-ri-our! Many laugh-out-loud moments! If you have the opportunity, go see it.

Speaking of which, they're re-broadcasting "Frankenstein" in June and July, one each as it were. In the one I saw the monster was played by Benedict Cumberbatch so why not see a performance where Johnny Lee Miller is the monster? If you haven't seen that one either, go see it!


I just finished watching the old "Tinker, Tailor" TV series, the one with Alec Guinness. I saw it when it was on Swedish TV in 1982 was it? right before they showed "Secret Army", anyway. I don't suppose I got much of it but I thought it was really good. And it still is! Not least because it's got Alec Guinness in it. Ooo! Also a long interview with David Cornwell/John le Carré as extra stuff.

It's remarkable how the same source material, le Carré's book, can produce two radically different screen version. Granted, the TV series is seven 42-minute-episodes long and the recent movie is... movie length, but apart from key plot moments they tell very different stories. Which means I must read the book to see if the screen versions have derived their materials directly from it, that is, if it is twice as much as either of the screen stories.

Oh no, yet another book to read! As if I don't have too many already... I looked in at the library yesterday but gosh darn it, I don't think they even have an English language crime/thriller section. I couldn't find it, anyway. Plus, it's shutting down for refurbishment on Sunday. Also, most material is spread out on the branch libraries so if you want something you'll have to pre-order and then maybe get it in a few days, you can't just go in and hope to find it. D'oh. Maybe I should give that iPad library loan thingy a try.


This week I've been out on two field assignments, one up the coast in glorious sunshine and so much heat it got sweaty (yay, spring), the other just around the corner in a former hospital park now largely inhabited by children. I kid you not, therer were little screaming children everywhere! Three schools and two daycares in one small area. Plus dogs galore. Had to hose down my boots afterwards, to clean off the dog shit. Yuck.
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Much better weather now for going out to look at rocks, than yesterday when it started to snow/rain. Bleh. So I went down to the cellar to try to bring order to the mess that is laughably called our archive. Haha, what sane person would put an archive next to a lumber factory? So much wood dust everywhere, including inside my lungs...

Also I got to type ut another batch of comments on legal proceedings. "When you ordered this job, you said it would cost this much to make your tunnel. It didn't, now pay us lots more!" "No, you didn't do the work right, _you_ pay for your own shoddy workmanship." "No way, we'll call in our lawyers!" "Fine!" "Fine!" ... and so on. This is the current best practice in all major construction works in Sweden these days, sadly. The big contractors call in their legal departments to prepare the claims even before work has started. And you wonder why public works are so expensive?

Anyway, lots of typing, and then there is stuff for ET to type as well. Oh, and this text!
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Winter solstice! And I'm playing my xmas playlist all day long; it contains goodies like this one, "Scary Solstice" and... The Goodies. Thanks Tribs!

Last night I saw "Sherlock Holmes 2" again, whee. Anything I might say about it would be a spoiler so I won't. Soooo haaaaaard to keep mum! Next up: "Tinker, Tailor". I loved the Alec Guinness TV show though I don't remember much, other than this guy who turned up in another show that Swedish TV sent some time later: Albert in "Secret Army".

There's been so much work lately, all the deadlines piling up together. But then, after the holidays, there will be practically nothing. Our work load in a nutshell! Consultants can't plan ahead more than a month or two because of this ketchup effect. It's the same every year, and somehow we manage to keep ourselves occupied. At least there's no snow this year so we don't have to wait until March to go out and look at the ground.

Speaking of work, last week Mithlond went on a shikar, ie a book hunt. We go to a used book store and hoover it for goodies, and then go to a café or pub and gloat. This year I found an old book called "Bergslagernas Järnvägsaktiebolad 1872-1922", with many of the places I have visited when inspecting railroad rock cuts. Fantastic!

Ooh, and I just saw the "Hobbit" trailer. Also fantastic!
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Just read my latest entry... hm, where did all the line breaks go? Impossible to read! Sorry, it wasn't meant to be an exercise in joycianism.

Anyway, after a week of relative rest it was back on the track last week! This time we went to Oskarshamn on the other side of Sweden, for a look at a short bit of track with very few trains. Only they'll be resuming passenger services now, today in fact, which is very unusual. Otherwise the norm is to cancel services.

Anyway, this last bit of inspection we got to use what we have always wanted to use: a railbike. Awesome! You get along quickly and easily and can even do mapping/inspecting without getting off it. When trains are due, you can easily lift it off the track. Plus it's fun! We even got some good publicity shots of us, posing under a gibbous moon.

Not quite as fun driving home through a blizzard at night, though... At times it was like driving through foam, in some 2nd Doctor adventure. Really nasty. We were doing something like 50 on a 120 km/hr motorway...

And now I have finally made Christmas cookies and watched "Sällskapsresan". The Yule season is thus officially inaugurated. But mostly I just watch and read various versions of Sherlock Holmes. Oh yes, and "Captain Alatriste" and another book by Pérez-Reverte, called "Dumasklubben" in Swedish. That was a really good book. Hopefully we will be able to find some more good books at the shikar on Saturday. You know, hunting the book in its natural habitat.

Oh yes, and we had a Christmas dinner thingy with Club Cosmos last week. Cold but nice. But here's a fun thing: at that meeting in Stockholm two Saturdays ago we discussed the possibility of a SF convention in Umeå and everyone got really excited about it. What a brilliant idea! Let's make it so right away! Then I came home and told the active members in Club Cosmos and was met by a unanimous and immediate "No!" Hm, seems we aren't very keen to broaden our horizons here... What a bunch of wet blankets!
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Oh dear, it's far too long since I last updated this. I mean, I haven't even been out travelling for almost a month so I can't blame being busy for being non-updatey. Bianca is still MIA. There were reports of a cat like her down in the village, or even down by the beach, but it hasn't been possible to intercept it. Ever tried catching a cat that doesn't want to be found? Cannot be done! Although, the county exterminator was hired a year or two ago to cull the large population of feral cats down in the village. They used some sort of trap and caught 64 cats... Sixty-four! And these are the ultra-wary cats that you never see. Well anyway. When I say I haven't travelled much that was after we had been in Fagersta, that oh-so-boring place between Frövi and Avesta. My colleague almost got stuck in a beaver pond but nothing exciting happened to me. Well, we did pass through old mining communities around Norberg, which [info]nazgman knows all about. There's mu h to see and explore in Sweden! Until last Thursday there wasn't much happening in my calendar but then suddenly bam! I went to Kristinehamn on Tuesday and spent two days looking at the railroad going to Filipstad and Persberg. Hardly any trains on it at all but they're electrifying the first part of it anyway. Brand new posts for electic current ("kontaktledningsstolpar"). The new ones are best, they're labelled "kilometre-sequential", eg "147-12". That would be a post near kilometre 147.5, since they're spaced about 60m apart. Older posts are just labelled with a sequential number, so ypu really have no idea where you are. Especially as the sequences start over at some stations. Pretty geology there, though. Mostly granites with big, rectangular feldspar augen, and then near Persberg and its mines there were vulcanites and weird stuff I'm not sure what it was. But it had big magnetite crystals in it. Right now I'm on the train to Stockholm, about to attend the annualmeeting of SAAM, the foundation that among other things awards the Alvar to deserving members of Swedish science fiction fandom. It will be fun to meet tje others again, haven't seen them since Eurocon in June. Oh and next year's Swecon will be on 5-7 October, don't miss is. It's in Uppsala. I'll be going back to Stockholm on Monday, at oh-too-early o'clock, for a two-hour meeting with a colleague... Why not stay the weekend in that city? - Because there is a tolkienist event near Götevorg on Sunday I want to attend. We'll discuss East European genre literature and ingest food and drinks inspired by that subject. I bought some tins of herring and a bottle of vodka yesterday. That's all you need, right? Also, in this period I've indulged in the Fine Arts: no less than two live broadcast performances from the Met in New York. First Wagner's "Siegfried" which was awesome, and then Philip Glass's "Satyagraha" which was... well awesome too. Glass himself was there too, wow. OK, I'm writing this on my iPad so before I accidentally delete everything I'll post it, typos and all, and go back to reading my "Independence Day" novel. Seeyas!

RIP Bianca

Oct. 19th, 2011 09:49 am
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Whoa, seasick. I have to wear glasses today on account of me going completely dry on Monday. Ack. Not just eyes but nose and throat too. Probably because indoor air is going desert-like when the heating systems kick in.

On Monday I visited G-g and Fim and their new kitten Tesla who was absolutely adorable. I got to be a chew toy for a while. But then I came home and learned that little Bianca is missing, and she still is, probably eaten by a fox, poor little thing. Such an exceptionally friendly little cat, also adorable, but far too naive and non-afraid to survive long in the wild. She didn't know to fear things like cars, foxes or lawn-mowers. She is sorely missed, not least by Arvid, the other cat.


Now time for course in rock mechanics, followed by a five-hour-plus drive to Borlänge, and then two days of looking at railroads. I'm going towards Malung on a diesel track (non-electrified). Then home and then Dr Who home con, what I call a Dr Whom con on Saturday. Whee!

Which reminds me, I should probably get down to watching the last episodes of the season some time...
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Boy, it's long since I wrote here! Indeed, it's long since I read my friends-page too, not since I visited [info]tommdroid last month, I think. Too much to do, too much laziness when not working -- or having fun.

There's been railroad inspections around Falun, and last week between Frövi and Skinnskatteberg (pronounced "Skinnsberg" by the locals). On Wednesday we go to Borlänge to inspect railroads around Mora and Malung and whatnot. Next week it's back to Skinnsberg-Fagersta-Avesta.

Inbetween there has been the ambulating Sci-Fi Fair, at which I represented Mithlond (at WCT's table), right next to Robert Englund in fact, although he was separated from us by a big partition. If there had been a whole in it I could have poked him. Two days of being friendly and representative, and buying two Daleks, one of them remote controlled. Yes, I now have a toy that can roll up to you and shout "Exterminate!" and several other offensive phrases!

Also there was Mithlond's big Autumn Feast, with lots of packing, washing-up and drinks. The Saturday started with delicious breakfast, immediately followed by chocolate tasting, whisky tasting and beer tasting. After that, time to be official, ha ha.

Finally some rest this weekend, with cats and parents. I slept till 1100hr on Saturday, I think I was very sleepy.


Skinnskatteberg -- I'm certain it was frequently on TV in my childhood. Something to do with workers' rights or women's lib or something generally sociological, probably. I've been meaning to look it up on the 'net but neglected it. Too much Wordfeud. Can anyone else remember?


While waiting for pizza in Falun I bought a copy of "Scientific American" to read, and I'm still reading it almost 3 weeks later... But in it there was an article about why bio-fuels won't supplant fossil fuels any time soon, or at all. Fr'instance, replacing fossil fuels consumed in America with corn fuels would take a farm 3 times the size of continental USA. Not feasible.

But I see a flaw in the reasoning: all estimates posit a level of consumption equal to today's. We must _not_, ever ever ever, cut down on our consuming and our spending! The very thought is blasphemous! All economic theories and prognoses need continued growth which equals increasing consumption of, well, everything.

Might it not be better to try to wean ourselves off oil, before the oil-based economy crashes and burns? Explodes, like the fireballs in a Roland Emmerich movie!
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*shovel papers*

So-called "relationshandlingar" for some railway tunnels -- what has been made, where, how much and in what way. Papers papers papers.

Otherwise there will be a lot of walking around railroads in mid-Sweden this autumn. We were at Karlstad last week, looking at two cute tunnels and some railroad cuttings. Beautiful weather, lots of fresh air and exercise. And we get paid for it!

Too bad about the head-cold, though. And camping out this weekend didn't really help, nor the canoeing. But it was fun! Good company (yes, it was the company), good food, more beautiful weather and some mushrooms too.

Just two days of work this week, then I go back to Orust to help my Mother while my Father has minor surgery again. The operation he had in spring was a little too successful... And next week I'll be going to Ludvika for more railway work. There are several "bandelar" in Dalarna to look at; maybe I'll be able to say hello to [info]tommdroid too! I'd love that.

Plus I've been assigned to sell off my late uncle's collection of ironing irons (strykjärn) and scales (bessman). Any ideas? There are several auctioning firms, both RL and internet ones, as well as and similar. Also Antikhallarna, but then we'd have to lug it all down to Gbg. We're not talking one or two irons here, or even five or six...
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On Friday I got hit by a stomach bug or something, plus a really wicked headache. My vision is still screwed up -- all it's good for is watching all sorts of Sherlock Holmeses and really old "Doctor Who". I'm talking 1963-era Who. Interesting mix.

I went out to photograph a rock cutting out in the docks, well the former docks, earlier today. Boy was it cold! A few minutes out in the wind and my fingers got numb. Hey, it's half February now, it should be Spring. Gimme!

Our beloved boss has now left us. How are we to cope? Boohoo, poor us. This means we'll have to take responsibility ourselves, the horror...

Oh, and I found out the perfect vengeance music for neighbours who insist on playing annoying hiphop-rnb-disco at all hours and at ridiculous volumes: Gamma Ray's album Majestic. Solid wall-to-wall bass drum alternating with drum/bass in shifting patterns. Not only does it throw you off, it is also utterly relentless. Muahaha.

Explosions are good too. Where can I find the 1812 music, hmmmm?
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What with all the other things going on then, plus we learned on Friday that our very beloved leader E in the bedrock group is leaving us, effective pretty much immediately. She's going on to better prospects and we wish her the best of luck, but how on earth are we going to manage without her?! Everything seemed pretty hopeful and assured until now, the future is once again in uncertain flux.


But first: "TRON Legacy 3D" tonight.


Nov. 18th, 2010 09:23 am
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Urgh, glasses. The reason I got contact lenses was so I wouldn't have to have them chafing on my nose and ears. But my eyes got too dry recently and I had to resort to glasses for a while.

In fact, all of me is too dry, nose, skin, everything. Would if help if I drink more? (drink!) I only drink when I'm thirsty. Never subscribed to any "theories" or "diets" or stuff like that, too much trouble.

Anyway, on Monday we (Club Cosmos and WCT) went to the local observatory and looked at a whole lot of moons -- four Jovian ones and one Luna -- and got a nice lecture on exoplanets by [info]egghunter. Everyone seemed satisfied with the event, maybe we'll do it again soon. Let's just hope we're that lucky with the weather again: the rainclouds in the morning blew away during the day and the evening was clear. That almost never happens in Gbg normally!

Next week we'll go see "Harry Potter 7". Or is it "7a"? Whatever; maybe I should see movie no. 6 first...

My mother is doing so-so. The wound on her leg is bothering her much, as it has since June or May. Ever stronger medications and painkillers to keep her level and sleeping at night. At least they didn't have to go to the hospital the latest time she plunged into the black hole.

And I've been out looking at one rock outcrop in Angered, and will soon look at another in Klippan. Actually, that latter one is the same hill on which stands the old fortress Gamla Älvsborgs fästning. Cool. Also, I'll go to a "feedback meeting" regarding the road being built north of Gbg (E45), with lots of rockworks. There was a rock mass fall there earlier this year. The meeting will be on the lines of "why didn't you foresee this and put it into the tender documents?" only we did, but no one wanted to think about large rock falls so it was hushed up. Or something, I wasn't involved in that part of the works then. It will be interesting!


Oct. 8th, 2010 02:39 pm
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Whoa, a few minutes between assignments... It's been pretty hectic - in a good way - this week, with the workdays filled with, well work. Then I get home and don't feel like turning on the computer, just watching "Doctor Who - The E-space Trilogy" and "Flammen & Citronen". Or reading a book!

This week has been a bit of a holiday in that way. Nothing that must be done, other than emailing thanks here and there, and I've finally got round to doing that now. What a chore eh, emailing! Soon I'll go back to Orust for another weekend at the hospital where my mother has been for a couple of weeks now, or is it three weeks? Time flies. Back to reality.

Next week our company is going to Barcelona, on a so-called study trip. We'll visit a tunnel construction site, and some other rocks, amid touristing. Hope we'll avoid getting mugged, that's all everyone says about Barcelona: it's beautiful and cheap, but oh the crime. What I always say is "Baaah-ce-lo-naaah!!!" trying to imitate David Tennant. Wouldn't you?
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What's this about burning Qu'ran books in the US? Have they gone totally bonkers? Jeez. Have they not read their own Bible, with the "turn the other cheek" and "do unto others" passages? Or is this a church that reads the Bible selectively, only the bits that conform to their set opinions are deemed holy?

Oh wait, isn't that how fundamentalists have always read their holy texts?

Election campaigns are going into the final lap here now. I just passed some center partists at a little pamphlet&coffee table that they had set up smack in the middle of the sidewalk. The bicycles had to swerve around it. But I have already voted so I can ignore them all, muahaha! Very slick operation it was to vote too, lots of election workers shunting ppl along between front desk, voting booths and ballot receptacles.

Now I'll prepare writing material and gear for tomorrow's night work down a mine, smash 72m of drillcores into little bits, and meet&greet some young interns from Trafikverket. Busy day ahead!
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On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the woods north of Motala (not Mjölby), looking at rock cuts along the railroad. Nice weather, birdsong, flowers and trees in bloom -- a riot of lilac blossoms in all the gardens. Wonderful!

But being away from the office means there's so much more to do when I get back, stuff that I neglected to do when being out in the forest. Yes I know, it's all work, so how could it be negligence? But that's how it feels when I have to pick up the slack again.

Yesterday one little job I've been dreading a lot for about a week turned out to be a dud. Deploying pre-reinforcement in a rock excavation-to-be, with a very demanding and annoying-sounding builder (think P G Gyllenhammer), for Hogia in Stenungsund; I've worked for them before and they're all pretty annoying. Turns out in person they're quite allright! That's usually the case, isn't it? Face to face communication is so much better. Also, the excavation is simple and requires no pre-reinforcement. I left again after 20min.

Today has been pretty insane with deadline-today CAD work. To top it all, late in the afternoon, when I had finally remade all the drawings for the umpteenth time, we learn that the architects have made last-minute changes to how they want the tunnel to be built. Arrrrrgh!

So now I'm all wonky in the head from doing computer work for ten hours. And what do I do? Turn on the computer! to watch DVDs, at least. Hooray for old detective shows. What I'm watching now is the Waters/Petherbridge version of Harritet Vane/Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, from 1987 *). The disc is lagging frightfully so I let it cool off a bit writing this, and filling up my glass of wine. I feel completely entitled to a bit of alcohol today, especially since I missed the CC pub night on Tuesday.

Anyway, I've had a soft spot for Edward Petherbridge ever since SVT showed "Nicholas Nickleby" in 1982, and I really liked these Dorothy Sayers mysteries when they showed them. Still pretty good! And if that is not enough, on TV there is now and then the old "Poirot" series with David Suchet, which I also loved when it was on in the early 90s. The architecture! The design! The Suchet acting! It still holds up. But not the new version, I'm talking about the original stories.

When I run out of all that, there is always "The Professionals" to fall back on, or "Bergerac" series 5 which I somehow have missed to purchase. I have s1-4 and s6 but not s5 O_o

*) "Have His Carcase" guest-stars Michael Troughton, Patrick's other actor son
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Over on that Other site which shall not be mentioned there is some talk about the über-fail of the Israeli armed forces in international waters, and on Swedish media it's the New Big Thing. Here, no one mentions it. Someone suggested it's because American news media won't touch it. Is that so? Amercians, have you seen any news reports on Israel attacking a convoy of relief ships to Gaza and killing nine ppl?

Talking of Israel, I made Mandelbrot for today's 'bring-something-baked' at work. It's at least 8yr since I made some, not since I moved here. And I should make them more often, they're tasty, mmmm!

We also had tasty Indian food yesterday, at a new place just off the liquor store (Systembolaget). First we waited and waited, and then some meagre plates were brought... what, is this all? Then the sneaky proprietor brought the _real_ dish while smiling mischievously. Ooo the rogue! Then the food was so good that we have to go back, soon. Yum.

And speaking of yum, I just realised I won't be able to attend next week's Club Cosmos pub night -- I'll be in Mjölby then. Mjölby! Well, Motala hopefully, we have a whole railroad stretch to do in only two days. I went to Mjölby once, in 1994 or something, on my way home from Vadstena. That's when I learned how to pronounce the name... it's not pretty. Maybe Motala is better.

On the subject of Cosmos, that's a really good TV series. The science I already know but I remember being thrilled by certain concepts and images in that show, like the klepsydra, and that we are star-stuff. To think it is 30yr old! Many of the future missions Sagan talks about in it have now been launched, like Cassini and Mars rovers, but some are still at least 25yr in the future, just like it was then (I'm looking at you, fusion power).

*** Newsflash: just got a surprise mail from saying Thank you for your order, which I haven't placed. Not answering that one! Usually it's just stuff I've never even visited that sends me phishing spam but hey, this is too close to home. ***
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Aargh, I will _not_ be tempted by shiny stuff from! Or Amazon! nononono I can resist...

Today I've been out in lovely weather again, looking at rocks and getting eaten alive by big mosquitoes. They're going to build a crime lab up on a slope, and below it is an artists' refuge. I got to talk with one of them -- currently working on a big dragon in styrofoam, otherwise he works in stone, how appropriate -- and he said the first thing he heard about this project was last week, the last day of being able to register complaints.

I didn't say "stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'beware of the leopard'" but that's what crossed my mind.

And anyway, did they do no initial research into the ground conditions at all before they decided to put a five-storey building on the edge of a slope that is already crumbling under its own weight, or just gravity? Sheesh. "Hey, you're the rock experts -- solve this!" Well OK, let's encase the whole lower slope in reinforced concrete then, bet everyone below will be very happy about that new view. Hah!

Still, nice day with Susan and Jamie in the headphones. I did a couple of hours of this without audio plays on Monday, having to listen to myself the whole time, without respite. Not doing that again. I can still picture sites I was at when listening to particular scenes in, say, "Minuet in Hell" or hear in my head the Salamander murdering his underlings when looking at pictures from another site. They're connected now, in time, space and memory!


May. 28th, 2010 08:31 am
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More insanity at work, this time with loads of CAD. Makes me go all loopy, flooby even, at the end of the day. On Wednesday, fr'instance, when we had our last-of-the-year Quenya course, I was so tired I had to flee home and watch "The Silurians", with commentaries. Heh, the old guard keep complaining about how the new shows are all too fast-paced, the wall-to-wall music, and the Doctor kissing all his companions. As they said, if you have young, pretty Doctor, and gorgeous assistands, the TARDIS will steam up.

Last night I watched three hours of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". I haven't seen it since it was broadcast here in 1981 or whenever it was, but I've still got the book and the soundtrack from back then. It was still pretty awesome!

Also yesterday, I had a visit here from L, who supplied us with a studio when we did the extra stuff for the fanfilm (the fanfilm itself was never made). She's making some kind of rock film, about mountains and myths, and wanted to know about geologists. What do we do, and what does it look like? Not easy to show in an hour, but it was quite nice all the same.

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