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Hey, where did my computering go?

First I had a visit from [info]therru on Saturday-Sunday, for a big wedding/baby/naming/xmas party -- at which the first snow started falling, what timing! It was very nice hanging out with therru, got to do that more often. Btw, thanks for the DVD, it arrived today!

Then on Monday and Tuesday I was out on the railroad again, this time between Uddevalla and Göteborg. Snow on the railroad cuttings, made it difficult to see, inspect and classify. And then it got dark at oh-too-early o'clock! But it was very picturesque around lake Hällungen.

Followed by a very nice Club Cosmos do, meeting at Lejontrappan for some glögg and waving huge tomtebloss around (cool, Jim!) and then dinner at The Golden Days. Mmmm yum.

Yesterday: road safety course all day. I almost fell asleep. The teacher has done this for a long time and was obviously a bit fed up with it so he kept telling stories about the real world. But hey, our study material?

Today, catching up on all the office stuff I haven't been able to do this week, so no surfing today either. But I did manage to get away early enough to look at a possible venue for this summer's SF convention. It was coooold, icy winds and more snow. Brrr.

Now I'll relax a bit and perhaps watch some more early "Sharpe" adventures. Stupid TV8 only showed the two latest movies so I had to go buy the stuff from the 90s at Movieline.
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Waiting for the US "The Office", not enough time to start either "The Sarah Jane Adventures" or "The Muppet Show". Too early for food too; today at least I went out and bought some vegetables to eat.

Yesterday I spent most of the day watching Almodóvar movies, "Todo sobre mi madre", "Hable con ella", "La mala educación" and "Volver". Thanks, T, for lending me the box!

Last week I was out doing more inspections along the railroad to Borås. It rained _a lot_ on Friday, when we also found a dead owl, almost completely intact, it looked taxidermied, and a small live frog. Also, I heard about Lermannen (the Mud Man), apparently a well-known character among construction workers. He turns up at dig sites and asks if he can wallow in the mud. Then he drives off. There are some seriously weird ppl out there!
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I got rather tired on Sunday and then yesterday too, after a slow day on the railroad. So no updates!

The con was fun, and quite well attended. Nothing like the 15000 at the Finncon/Animecon, or however many there were. Or even regular FinnCon, which apparently has 1000 attendees. Yowza.

GoHs this time were Liz Williams and Graham Joyce, both very nice and well-spoken. The latter told very good stories and read like a pro from his own book. I hogged them both at the dead dog party afterwards, muaha. Why be shy and mousy when you don't have to?

Speaking of mousy, the second book of Fafhrd & Gray Mouser stories keeps me occupied. So good! Don't want to do anything else, like updating the railroad reports or even going to a SF pub right now. Frankly, I'm too tired from walking all day.

I'm now finished with the inspections, with 3 days to spare. Or rather, three nights at the hotel that I'll have to pay for even if I check out now. So I'll stay till Friday anyhow, working on the reports. So I don't have to do that right now -- luxury!
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Yes, I'm on my way to Stockholm, for two solid working-weeks, with a science fiction convention conveniently held on the weekend between those working-weeks. I'll be back in Gbg -- God willing -- next Friday.

The work is the same as last year (and last week): inspecting railroad cuts, determing what needs to be done about them and how much. But the protocol this year is a lot more ambitious, so there'll be all sorts of things to observe and measure as well. Last week was a real blast; the work is always fun but I think the company played in a lot too. What a find this new Peter is! Never a dull moment and you always learn a whole lot of new, useful things from him. I wish I could be that *searching for word*, well, "enthusing".

These two weeks I'll be working alone, just me and the train-warner -- i.e. the guy who looks out for trains and makes sure I don't do stupid things like get electrocuted or wander off into ravines you can't get out of if trains come blasting through. I'll be on a train line south of Sthlm, Älvsjö - Västra Haninge, if anyone is interested, and I'll be staying on Söder. That's why I'm online, I forgot to check where the hotel is. *checks* It's on Medborgarplatsen, just a stone's throw from the depressing little flat we can sometimes use when we're in Sthlm. But I don't want to spend two weeks there! No, it's fancy hotels for me, muahaha. *confettis money*

It's weird, almost always in Sthlm I'm working nights, and with full equipment. This time I'll be doing normal office hours, and without the heavy boots, the helmet and the batteries. So I'm travelling light-weight, what a relief.

Oops, here goes the connection. That's what you get when using mobile internets on the train, I guess. That's also why I'm not trying to log into #lexx, even though I've missed you lot a lot today! I never realise how much of a family you are, even if I don't say much during the day, not until I can't get into the channel. Stupif blockings! Must get IT staff to lift it, only they're both too busy doing fun geophysical stuff like blowing things up and walking around doing radar and resistivity. They might even get to investigate the clays under New Old Ullevi, setting off explosives at night next to the police house. Ha ha!

Anyway, rambling on and on. Maybe more later when I get lonely.

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