Jan. 22nd, 2019 08:30 am
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After careful consideration — that is, meaning to do it for several years but not actually getting around to doing it — I've now started printing select photos from my digital collection. Not all of them, goodness that would be an avalanche of photo paper, no I have to go through them to pick out the memorable ones.

And that's all the Lexx-o-Rama pics, for one. It's now 10yr since we had our last LoR and it's 20yr since the first one. Maybe we should try to get together again this summer? But that means someone has to organise something and...

Also, I seem to have binned a whole holiday's worth of photos. I had them out just the other year to look them over but where are they now?

Plus, I'm glad I uploaded some nice work pics to LJ because we had a virus attack here at the office a couple of months ago and the rewriting of backup files hasn't quite worked as expected. Years and years of files, including e.g. stunning photos from the Caledonide mountains, are lost. Except! those that I found here. Foresight can be very welcome.
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Gah, why should small things be so annoying and able to affect emotional well-being to such a large extent? It's just a silly subscription snafu that can probably be easily corrected (if I can keep my email tone civil) - not something to lose sleep over. Or those dumb "I should have said THIS or THAT instead" moments that linger and fester.

But I seem to have some kind of in-built coping mechanism for which I am very grateful. If the worry or peevishness persists for more than a couple of days I suddenly get angry with the feeling and say something to the effect of "Fiddlesticks!" to it and the unhelpful emotion goes away. Very handy for the old equilibrium!

But this only works for minor matters. The real problems are more difficult to come to grips with.

Still, if Fortean Times don't want my subscription, at least I got a Milligan book in the mail yesterday so the ups and the downs sort of balanced out.
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Well, at least all this menstruating is good for the figure. Like Cordelia said in an early episode of ”Buffy” when they found a headless corpse. It’s so disgusting I completely lose my appetite.

I thought menopause would mean less bleeding, not more and more until it is pretty much constant. And no one wants to talk about it, understandably, see above about unappetising. All I’ve ever heard is coy remarks about heat flushes. I would love having one of those, what bliss not to be icy cold all the time.

Oh boy how I hate it. Must try to think about something else but am unable to.

What luck there are audio stories to divert nasty thoughts! After having listened to an old Swedish recording of ”Dickie Dick Dickens” which was great I’ve now started on the HPLHS complete Lovecraft audiobook. Mmmm, lovely...

And ”The Navy Lark” is great fun too. I’ll never look at the Third Doctor in the same way again!

Worldcon 75

Jan. 3rd, 2018 10:26 am
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In a lull between assignments at the office, I finally get around to posting this con report that has been sitting on my computer desktop since August.

Day One

After 3hr sleep I caught various public transport to the airport, where I ran into Patrik, and Jenny from SF-bok. An hour’s plane ride later we were at Helsinki airport and used more public transport to get to Worldcon 75, held at Messukeskus in Pasila. It was surprisingly hot, phew, and the bag was surprisingly heavy, especially since I sought out as many stairs as possible. I got my registration, ran into friends, and continued the train ride to downtown Helsinki to check into Hotel Torni, very central indeed, on Yrjö street, haha. (I have a co-worker named Yrjö. He is from Karelen.)

Entrance to Messukeskus

Back to the venue! using the ticket card that was part of the registration. What a useful treat! The mess area i semi-big, nowhere near as huge as London, more like Gbg, but still easy to get lost in. I attended the opening ceremony, with dances and singing and Jukka Halme, and a panel on music in SF/Fantasy – at which I kept falling asleep so next I had some food and then went for a walk in the very brutalist neighbourhood. Fascinating. Finally a fantastic choir concert with a huge women’s choir humming theme tunes.

Big women's choir

Day Two

Before going back to the convention centre I took a short foot tour of the immediate tourist district, i.e. the cathedral and the Russian orthodox church and points between. Also a big bookstore – keen on humanities, bland selection of geology and nuclears (none).

Tram to mess hall takes a lot longer than train but is more scenic. I arrived around noon and started with a presentation about NASA behind the scenes followed by guided tour of the art exhibition (but I was distracted by selling my extra membership online). Some really nice things, 85 % Finnish-made. A fun panel where the participants had to answer questions by lying, followed by buying a membership for Dublin 2019 and voting for it. Best in show so far was the next panel about the next 20 years in space, featuring astronaut Kjell Lindgren (American) who has actually been to space and who made a stirring speech about how we have to go to space as a united species not divided nations; and Guy Consolmagno, director of the Vatican Observatory and a planetary geologist. Wow! Just my kind of thing!

Astronaut in NASA jumpsuit, Vatican guy with beard

Last a presentation in Chinese plus translation about the city of Chengdu and how their next project is building a sci-fi city and having Worldcon 2020 in it. Think big! Followed by bid party for said Worldcon, with complimentary finger buffet and wine, plus sales pitches from really loud Chinese people. The Irish party next-next door was so incredibly noisy I took the train back to the hotel instead.

Chinese bid party

Day Three

I was at the ten o’clock programme item involving Consolmagno, about interesting times in science (mostly Newton and bad-boy Galileo) – but then I had to go back to the hotel to change shoes. Too hot and icky!

Worldcon 75 on Finnish morning TV

Back again for the panel about exploring extra-terrestrial oceans or at least celestial bodies containing water in any form. Moral: deliberately seeding Jovian moons with terrestrial microbes is NOT the major problem. Then I got rid of my extra membership and immediately blew some of the money on a pre-support for New Zealand 2020 – after a brief visit to the Tolkien moot where some worthy person was presented with an honorary membership. So noisy environment I couldn’t understand a thing, even when they switched to English!

Fellow Swedish tolkienist at Tolkien moot

After a quick bite of food I listened to a panel on inventions that changed SF (generation ships, ansibles, robots), followed by a fun live performance of an Old Times Radio play, written and performed by Finns in English. Last, a fun lecture from a girl with a PhD in Finnish “Donald Duck”, specifically the fantasy elements of Don Rosa’s production.

Donald Duck PhD

When most people went to the Hugos I got a beer with Henke et al and then tried to find the non-existent NZ party but instead found Louise from Gothenburg trekkers club WCT and we had a nice long talk. I dragged her back to Henke & Bellis et al but she didn’t come along to the Japanese party in the old Pasila railway station, the only wooden house in the otherwise concrete jungle. So many weird and interesting Japanese snacks! I talked to two Germans, one of whom generously gave away shots of Berlin gin.

(All these pictures came out blurred, for some reason...)

Going back to the hotel I “ran into” Charlie Stross and Feorag going out on the town. And going out on the first train journey today, two English crazy cat ladies going to the con sat down next to me. One of them kept showing photo after photo of her cats to the other. These people actually exist for real, it’s so wonderful!

Day Four

Full Stanley Tweedle costume today, including cuddly-LEXX. Quite a few people knew what it was – there was even a couple who sang the Brunnen-G song with me in the evening!

Pretty full day, spent all indoors so I completely missed the apparently spectacular thunder storm in the evening. The day started with a panel on cosmic radiation and how to shield ships (and entire planets!), next the NASA representatives did a well-rehearsed and very good presentation (more stirring speeches on us having to act as one species etc), followed by astrophysicists et al discussing current enigmas (like dark matter/energy – which clearly must be Mantrid drones). A quick lunch, very tasty, after which I listened to Charlie Stross et al talk about how near-future stories have a hard time these day, and then a presentation of “Iron Sky” and its upcoming sequel. Woo! A nice break before the Masquerade which was loooong, with an intermission in the shape of three a capella singers performing Viking songs, gosh. This was when the storm happened.

So many beards!

Instead of chancing unpredictable weather I stayed on a bit at the very noisy bar area, where I met the Lexxians who knew not only the song but K-town and The wheel it makes... But I never found Moshe the dixie cups guy!

Back home by midnight, again warm and dry.

Day Five

And so this Worldcon 75 concludes – apparently the 2nd most populous ever, after Loncon 3. Wow. What a triumph for our excellent Finnish friends!

The weather was back to warm and sunny as I lugged my suitcase to the venue. Could have taken the smaller one since I hardly bought anything. Just two SF classics and a small calendar today.

I started the day with a fun lecture on orbital mechanics by one J L Doty, who later in the day held an even funnier lecture on weapons lasers and why they are dumb. In between I gawked at the tremendous queues for the panels I wanted to attend and instead slipped into a reasonably non-full room which was about space colonies and how they might seek independence (or not). Last, an interesting panel about law enforcement in SF/F and what the panelists think of the writers’ efforts – them being all employed in law enforcement!

Surprise lecture

By the end of that panel it was time to pick up the bag from friend Thomas in the wardrobe (he has been gophering all through the con!), take one of the fewer trains to the airport, have a nice relaxing meal and eventually fly home.

So, concluding impressions from the con! Not as fantastic as the one in London, which would frankly be very, very hard to top. Partly because of inferior venue, less interesting dealers and it not being all-English (duh) – programming was excellent, though – but mostly because I felt guilty about not gophering the whole time (due to migraine), and because there was a train ride between the venue and the hotel. What if I miss the last train etc thoughts.

Now I have Dublin in two years to look forward to!
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 Woopsie, it’s already four months since my last post. But I mean to write something every day - and then it’s work work work and I go home to the nice sofa and the brain turns to mush.

Suddenly in late October there was an unforeseen spate of field assignments, followed by hectic report writing. At least the nasty hemmorrhage I was plagued by almost continuously since late May held up for a couple of months so I could actually _do_ field work. For a while there I feared I would have to resign due to not being able to perform required work. But hey, it was just a temporary respite, now it’s back to normal again! So much blood!

Which is pretty much what I would have written every day so just as well I didn’t eh?

Here’s a picture of the 17th century fortress next to my office. I took it at 2am one morning when the alarm went off and the security firm didn’t call back to say all was OK (it was). No one knows what set it off - maybe it was bored or felt unappreciated?

Skansen Lejonet by night
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 From 1983 to circa 2000 I listened daily to the BBC World Service on shortwave, mostly 9410 kHz which had the best signal. The shortwaves always were full of Morse signals, as well as weird voices and languages and just noise. One such Morse source sat right next to 9410 and sent bursts of V:s: ..._ ..._ ..._ - in later years I learnt more about our recent history like for instance that V for Victory was the call sign for the BBC in Europe during the War. So of course that signal should sit right next to the World Service.

But I heard that signal so much it got into my subconscious. Like the Master ten years ago I keep drumming the bu-bu-bu-bom over and over, especially when I'm not really focussed. The Master was crazy; I blame the BBC. Which pretty much comes to the same thing.


Jul. 10th, 2017 08:52 am
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 That's weird, no new "Doctor Who" to download today. I really liked this last Capaldi-season and am sorry to see him go. He's been among my very favourite actors some 35yr now and can always be counted on to deliver. Even better when he has good writing to work with!
The current tick-score this season is: 3. Two from Nyköping, one from somewhere in west Sweden, where I was driven around all last week to look at railway rock cuttings. Tuesday became a 14hr workday, oy. But we saw much om this part of Sweden, very pretty.
At the latest big Tolkien do in May I innocently signed up for minor management duty at this summer's Worldcon in Finland. Now I worry it will mean sitting in the same room all five days... That's not what I counted on when I bought the tickets!
This last week I've developed a sudden obsession, brought on by trying to notice the small things in life our eyes always pass over, like lamp post decorations, grafitti and roof ornaments. And now: manhole covers! Once you start noticing them they are everywhere and in a great number och shapes and sizes. But it's a bit embarrassing standing in the middle of the road and pointing the phone at them. I try to look like I'm perusing a map, or maybe doing that poke-thing that was all the rage last year.
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Yesterday I was out surveying rocks amid preparations to widen a local railway ("amid" is the current buzz-word at BBC). As the day progressed, Spring sprang.

Around lunchtime I saw the first tussilago, apparently called coltsfoot in English, and a couple of hours later they were everywhere, along with other yellow flowers. There was even a small dandelion growing in a crack in a south-facing rock wall. In the afternoon bumblebees and butterflies had emerged. Leaf buds were on the verge of erupting.

This had to be celebrated with an ice cream when I was finished with my work. Mmm, first ice cream of the season, delicious.

A week ago it was so cold my fingers almost fell off when writing up data out in a tunnel.
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Hm, when I looked in on #lexx yesterday Mira pressganged me into Fallen London. This has the potential of stealing all my time...

And that's pretty much what I feel constantly these days. I'm not driving my own fate, I'm just running to catch up as events unfold ahead of me. Work, Mithlond-fandom-WCT, books: no time to plan and decide, just a headlong rush, stumbling after the finish line. I think, I'll do x when I'm done with y, but before that z, w and alpha have already cropped up, demanding attention.


It's probably just this assignment I accepted that needs a gamma-spectrometer that makes me jumpy. I've never used one and I don't quite know where to get hold of one, but you can't say that when ppl ask you to do a job for them. "Yes, we can do anything!" is the proper response. Once I've got a lead on the machine everything will settle down nicely and I can enjoy my Pink Floyd again.
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After board meetings (well, one meeting, the other was cancelled at the last moment), a movie ("The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel for the Elderly and Beautiful", very pleasant), a whole day of selling coffee and hot sandwiches at Star Treff 60, and having successfully installed wifi so I can post this from the comfort of my sofa, I can noe relax with Stephen Fry's memoirs part 2 which half way in is absolutely delightful, before watching a brand new exciting episode of "The Nentalist".
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... I've inspected three railway tunnels and choked at fumes in the local oil harbour, as well as battled bridge & tunnel management systems. Also read several books (though not enough to make a dent in the to-read-pile, it keeps regenerating), John le Carré rocks. "Written In Bones" arrived in less than a week, not the 30-40 weeks that led me to believe. I missed out on "Iron Sky" due to two of those tunnels but hope to be able to catch "The Avengers". And yesterday I had a lot of fun watching the local techno-students' parade, Chalmers-cortegen, which I've only seen once before. I'm never in town on Valborg!

Now the tempreature has finally crept above 15 degrees C there's a thick haze of BBQ smoke over the neighourhood. Something I hope to explore to greater olfactory and gustatory satisfaction in October when we go to South Africa.

But first, lots more episodes of "The Mentalist", my current obsession!
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On Thursday, I will have been a bona fide Roman Catholic for a month. Golly! I still can't quite believe it (ha ha).

Does this seem like something out of the blue? It's really not. Yes, the step from thinking about converting to actually going through with it was like a lightning bolt from the sky but my first thoughts about converting date back at least 30yr. Then for the last few years I've been hearing the call of God but been too afraid -- and lazy -- to answer, until my Mother tried to kill herself and I turned to the Virgin Mary for help. And my prayers were answered almost the very next day. How can one ignore that?

So ever since then I've worked towards becoming Roman Catholic, by going to Mass at least once a week, praying, and of course attending a class on What Does It Entail, every second or third Wednesday. Not just for converts, but for anyone who's interested. It's pretty much like joining a geek society: you can discuss these things with like-minded ppl without having constantly to apologise and explain. Not that I discuss much, I'm far too literal-minded to have anything useful to contribute. "Father Ted" doesn't really count, does it? (Drink!)

Anyway, so there it is. The ceremony on 3 April was quite beautiful; I've now been confirmed twice, as it were, and have taken Communion a lot more than in all my years between confirmations, which was none. I look forward to a future of constant learning, as there is every week, almost every day, something new that I've never encountered before. Awesome!

N.B. I did not convert, like most ppl seem to do, because of politics. They say, my native church is going lax on foreigners and gays so I'm turning to the Vatican to express my conservatism, or reactionaryism even. Nu-uh. I have converted _despite_ politics. I don't want to spout anti-anything, but embrace that whole do-unto-others, and love-thy-neighbour philosophy which, frankly, entails so much hard work and good will that it's like a major task. Hating is easy, loving is hard. So, despite the harshness many ppl approve of in the Church, I have joined it.

P.S. If this post offends you and you now want to defriend me, just go ahead. D.S.
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Two weeks ago I went to Stockholm to take part of what an internet dictionary calls an estate inventory. An old SF fan who was very prominent in the 60s has died and bequeathed a large sum of money to, among others, one of the clubs I'm a member of, Club Cosmos. I went as representative of the board. We had anticipated some strife and litigation over the will but that didn't happen, everyone was calm and civilised and the Arne Sjögren Memorial Fund is go.

Afterwards we went to his flat. I'm just saying, before I die I'm gonna CLEAN and PURGE and not leave a mess like that... Also I will not start smoking. I snatched some books for the memorial fund prize collection, and then went home. Yes, another there-and-back-again day in Sthlm. Just as cold as always, too.


It took me two and a half days to read "Tinker Tailor" -- what a brilliant book! And what a tour de force performance by Alec Guinness! It's like le Carré wrote the book after watching him in the TV series. Then I watched the new movie again and found it sadly lacking. What other le Carré books should I read then? There's quite a lot of them.


I won't go to Eastercon this year (it's in two weeks) or Swecon in October (we're going to Southafrica that very weekend). So to make up for lost fannish activities, maybe I should go to Return of the Ring? They had a big ad in the latest SFX, a whole page full. I don't think anyone else from these parts is going.


Last, we went to see "John Carter of Mars" yesterday. The BBC called it "deadly dull" and that was very harsh of them. It actually was quite a lot of fun! Stunning landscapes, fun characters, fairytale kind of story (it IS a century old) and good actors. The only bad part was the 3D which was completely flat. Why do they insist on slapping on 3D when the movie is in 2D? Keep it flat then! Anyway, a rollicking good romp it was, and then we got out and looked up at red Mars glaring at us from the night sky.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:45 am
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Yesterday I went to see National Theatre's "A Comedy of Errors", starring Lenny Henry. It was set in modern-day London, with the visiting Syracusians being Nigerians. At first it jarred a bit, hearing Shakespeare's words coming from sharply dressed mobsters, but then it became hilarious. Hi-la-ri-our! Many laugh-out-loud moments! If you have the opportunity, go see it.

Speaking of which, they're re-broadcasting "Frankenstein" in June and July, one each as it were. In the one I saw the monster was played by Benedict Cumberbatch so why not see a performance where Johnny Lee Miller is the monster? If you haven't seen that one either, go see it!


I just finished watching the old "Tinker, Tailor" TV series, the one with Alec Guinness. I saw it when it was on Swedish TV in 1982 was it? right before they showed "Secret Army", anyway. I don't suppose I got much of it but I thought it was really good. And it still is! Not least because it's got Alec Guinness in it. Ooo! Also a long interview with David Cornwell/John le Carré as extra stuff.

It's remarkable how the same source material, le Carré's book, can produce two radically different screen version. Granted, the TV series is seven 42-minute-episodes long and the recent movie is... movie length, but apart from key plot moments they tell very different stories. Which means I must read the book to see if the screen versions have derived their materials directly from it, that is, if it is twice as much as either of the screen stories.

Oh no, yet another book to read! As if I don't have too many already... I looked in at the library yesterday but gosh darn it, I don't think they even have an English language crime/thriller section. I couldn't find it, anyway. Plus, it's shutting down for refurbishment on Sunday. Also, most material is spread out on the branch libraries so if you want something you'll have to pre-order and then maybe get it in a few days, you can't just go in and hope to find it. D'oh. Maybe I should give that iPad library loan thingy a try.


This week I've been out on two field assignments, one up the coast in glorious sunshine and so much heat it got sweaty (yay, spring), the other just around the corner in a former hospital park now largely inhabited by children. I kid you not, therer were little screaming children everywhere! Three schools and two daycares in one small area. Plus dogs galore. Had to hose down my boots afterwards, to clean off the dog shit. Yuck.
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Much better weather now for going out to look at rocks, than yesterday when it started to snow/rain. Bleh. So I went down to the cellar to try to bring order to the mess that is laughably called our archive. Haha, what sane person would put an archive next to a lumber factory? So much wood dust everywhere, including inside my lungs...

Also I got to type ut another batch of comments on legal proceedings. "When you ordered this job, you said it would cost this much to make your tunnel. It didn't, now pay us lots more!" "No, you didn't do the work right, _you_ pay for your own shoddy workmanship." "No way, we'll call in our lawyers!" "Fine!" "Fine!" ... and so on. This is the current best practice in all major construction works in Sweden these days, sadly. The big contractors call in their legal departments to prepare the claims even before work has started. And you wonder why public works are so expensive?

Anyway, lots of typing, and then there is stuff for ET to type as well. Oh, and this text!
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On Saturday I went to see "Götterdämmerung" with my Wagner-geek friend. It was totally awesome! What amazing singers! Six hours (with two imtermissions) of bombastic, strident music -- in the very best sense of the words -- and forceful singing. Brünnhilde is my new hero. Well heroine. And Jay Hunter Morris made his Siegfried act just like a brash 17yr-old, so cute. Not a word you usually associate with that character, I suppose. Oh, and Eric Owens's Alberich...

It was awesome!

Now to see how the New York critics blast this production, as they did with "Siegfried"...


I recently finished Umberto Eco's "The Prague Cemetery" or whatever it's called in English -- my first Swedish translation of one of his books. It's a novel about 19th century Europe and the hate movements running through it like bile-green threads. It's actually more like a collation of some of the wilder fantasies about Jews (also Freemasons and Jesuits, cause they're kinda like the Jews aren't they) and how they're about to ruin everything. The mind boggles at the utter lunacy these people got up to! Jaw-dropping! And of course, the "sequel" to this book is the Elders of Zion protocols, of much infamy.

Read it!


Last weekend the tolkienists had a small but cosy get-together with the theme C S Lewis. It was really cold and sunny, with sparkling, squeaking snow underfoot. It would have been just right to go out for a walk in the forest and find some lamp-post to gather round... but it was too cold. So we ate and talked and then watched the Moria scenes in LotR on bluray -- oooh, it's still a most impressive movie. Time to see them again, yes?

Speaking of tolkienists, there's the Scandinavian Sci-Fi Fair here on 1 April, where we should attend and spread PR and goodwill ahead of the Hobbit movie. Then there's a big happening in England in August that it would be great to attend, if it doesn't clash with our next school get-together. Also Eastercon, which isn't tolkienist but it's in England, and it's big. There won't be any "Doctor Who" season premiere this time, though, as that show is currently on hold. And I won't be able to watch it whenever it starts because of stupid FBI stupidly shutting down Megaupload and other services. Boooh. Catch some real criminals instead, FBI. What about the war on drugs?


Coming up on Lent, and time to do good deeds. I'm not very good at that but I'm going to repeat the collection we did here at work before Christmas, money for charities and stuff for the nearby charity shop. Also a good opportunity to maybe clear out some of my clutter. Not much hope for that, though, there's simply too much of it. Better not look at it, that way it doesn't bother me.


And last but far from least, I learn that one of my oldest friends is getting married. Congratulations, A and H! Live long and prosper!
zappo: (Default) this was taken at more or less the same spot as but almost 80yr later.

Carlotta, the Göteborg City Museum picture database is a fantastic place to while away those long working hours when you have nothing to do - or any other working hours too...


Jan. 20th, 2012 12:55 pm
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I read at that they've closed down Megaupload. Now where will I get my Doctor Who? *wail!* The internet is turning more and more into the doomsday scenarios of a few years ago and I foresee we will soon return to regular snail mail and looking things up in RL books, since all that's left on the net is ads and inane blogs. Urgh.
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I'm spending new-year's in #lexx, which seems the safest place to be right now. The fireworks schedule outside is like this: increasing strenght until 2000 when dinner is served. Renewed activity when dinner has been eaten, from about 2130 to 2300 when the kiddies have been sent to bed. The last lull while grown-ups fortify themselves with lots of alcohol and then the midnight storm breaks loose.

Just recently some jokers burnt off fireworks -- the sprakly, non-shooty-up-in-the-sky sort -- right below my window. This is scary since I live in a wooden house and also I don't want explosives going off inside my flat. Please desist. Fireworks should be enjoyed from a distance, like the annual G-P display at 1700, which this year looked like a cheap CG alien invasion battle, on account of the dense fog swallowing all the rockets. The underside of the knee-height cloud was lit up a bit, and there was an effect like the "Stargate" transporter rings. What a swindle! But the bangs were loud.

So, #lexx is the safest place to be right now.

(Did I just write that?!)
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Winter solstice! And I'm playing my xmas playlist all day long; it contains goodies like this one, "Scary Solstice" and... The Goodies. Thanks Tribs!

Last night I saw "Sherlock Holmes 2" again, whee. Anything I might say about it would be a spoiler so I won't. Soooo haaaaaard to keep mum! Next up: "Tinker, Tailor". I loved the Alec Guinness TV show though I don't remember much, other than this guy who turned up in another show that Swedish TV sent some time later: Albert in "Secret Army".

There's been so much work lately, all the deadlines piling up together. But then, after the holidays, there will be practically nothing. Our work load in a nutshell! Consultants can't plan ahead more than a month or two because of this ketchup effect. It's the same every year, and somehow we manage to keep ourselves occupied. At least there's no snow this year so we don't have to wait until March to go out and look at the ground.

Speaking of work, last week Mithlond went on a shikar, ie a book hunt. We go to a used book store and hoover it for goodies, and then go to a café or pub and gloat. This year I found an old book called "Bergslagernas Järnvägsaktiebolad 1872-1922", with many of the places I have visited when inspecting railroad rock cuts. Fantastic!

Ooh, and I just saw the "Hobbit" trailer. Also fantastic!

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