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... during morning rush hour in the tube.

Why do all handrails in escalators move faster than the escalator itself? I don't think I've ridden a single one where I don't have to move pull my hand back every few seconds because the handrail is not synchronised to the moving stairs.

Perhaps they're designed by the same engineers who make bus engines.

Stockholm _does_ move at a different pace from Gbg. Everyone here is so gosh-darned important and horribly stressed (this is a point of pride and honour, as one can read in editorials, books and blogs; the smugness at being stressed always shines through). I thought I walked slowly in Gbg but here it's twice worse. Plus no one here gives way the least little bit at all ever!

All the streets and tube corridors echo with the clatter of pumps and women's high-heeled boots. What a racket.

But communications are mostly running frequently and on time -- a very pleasant change to Gbg and Värsttrafik!

Only one more day to spend here...
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Yes, I'm on my way to Stockholm, for two solid working-weeks, with a science fiction convention conveniently held on the weekend between those working-weeks. I'll be back in Gbg -- God willing -- next Friday.

The work is the same as last year (and last week): inspecting railroad cuts, determing what needs to be done about them and how much. But the protocol this year is a lot more ambitious, so there'll be all sorts of things to observe and measure as well. Last week was a real blast; the work is always fun but I think the company played in a lot too. What a find this new Peter is! Never a dull moment and you always learn a whole lot of new, useful things from him. I wish I could be that *searching for word*, well, "enthusing".

These two weeks I'll be working alone, just me and the train-warner -- i.e. the guy who looks out for trains and makes sure I don't do stupid things like get electrocuted or wander off into ravines you can't get out of if trains come blasting through. I'll be on a train line south of Sthlm, Älvsjö - Västra Haninge, if anyone is interested, and I'll be staying on Söder. That's why I'm online, I forgot to check where the hotel is. *checks* It's on Medborgarplatsen, just a stone's throw from the depressing little flat we can sometimes use when we're in Sthlm. But I don't want to spend two weeks there! No, it's fancy hotels for me, muahaha. *confettis money*

It's weird, almost always in Sthlm I'm working nights, and with full equipment. This time I'll be doing normal office hours, and without the heavy boots, the helmet and the batteries. So I'm travelling light-weight, what a relief.

Oops, here goes the connection. That's what you get when using mobile internets on the train, I guess. That's also why I'm not trying to log into #lexx, even though I've missed you lot a lot today! I never realise how much of a family you are, even if I don't say much during the day, not until I can't get into the channel. Stupif blockings! Must get IT staff to lift it, only they're both too busy doing fun geophysical stuff like blowing things up and walking around doing radar and resistivity. They might even get to investigate the clays under New Old Ullevi, setting off explosives at night next to the police house. Ha ha!

Anyway, rambling on and on. Maybe more later when I get lonely.
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... the guy who sold me a "Kapten Stofil"-album yesterday at the book fair asked me if I wanted it signed. Turned out to be Joakim Lindengren himself. Hah!


Most things are set for this weekend's big tolkienist do. Hopefully all my well-thought-out plans will work out in reality. Epic FAIL if they don't, like the käpphästar won't be mounted or something.



In two weeks I'm going to Stockholm for railroad work. I'll be staying on Söder this time, but not at Alexandra Hotel (except during Imagicon). Boy were they stuck up and snide! Bastards!

The work stretches over two weeks. Hopefully I'll be done by then but apparently it's quite a lot of railroad-cuts to cover. Ten A4-pages of information to fill out for every cut! In other similar projects it's been one page, or just half a page, even. Sheesh. Here's the "bandel" where I'll be working.


I'm getting a new computer at work, hopefully one that doesn't take five minutes to open or close a document, and that doesn't send the mouse cursor flying all over the screen randomly. What on earth was the matter with it today? Perhaps it was my new external hard-drive that I plugged in to keep music and stuff on -- the brand name is ZAP.

How could I not choose such an item!
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I just found out I'll already be in Stockholm when Imagicon kicks off, and will remain the week after. So what do I do with the two train tickets I've already bought? Sigh...

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