Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:45 am
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Yesterday I went to see National Theatre's "A Comedy of Errors", starring Lenny Henry. It was set in modern-day London, with the visiting Syracusians being Nigerians. At first it jarred a bit, hearing Shakespeare's words coming from sharply dressed mobsters, but then it became hilarious. Hi-la-ri-our! Many laugh-out-loud moments! If you have the opportunity, go see it.

Speaking of which, they're re-broadcasting "Frankenstein" in June and July, one each as it were. In the one I saw the monster was played by Benedict Cumberbatch so why not see a performance where Johnny Lee Miller is the monster? If you haven't seen that one either, go see it!


I just finished watching the old "Tinker, Tailor" TV series, the one with Alec Guinness. I saw it when it was on Swedish TV in 1982 was it? right before they showed "Secret Army", anyway. I don't suppose I got much of it but I thought it was really good. And it still is! Not least because it's got Alec Guinness in it. Ooo! Also a long interview with David Cornwell/John le Carré as extra stuff.

It's remarkable how the same source material, le Carré's book, can produce two radically different screen version. Granted, the TV series is seven 42-minute-episodes long and the recent movie is... movie length, but apart from key plot moments they tell very different stories. Which means I must read the book to see if the screen versions have derived their materials directly from it, that is, if it is twice as much as either of the screen stories.

Oh no, yet another book to read! As if I don't have too many already... I looked in at the library yesterday but gosh darn it, I don't think they even have an English language crime/thriller section. I couldn't find it, anyway. Plus, it's shutting down for refurbishment on Sunday. Also, most material is spread out on the branch libraries so if you want something you'll have to pre-order and then maybe get it in a few days, you can't just go in and hope to find it. D'oh. Maybe I should give that iPad library loan thingy a try.


This week I've been out on two field assignments, one up the coast in glorious sunshine and so much heat it got sweaty (yay, spring), the other just around the corner in a former hospital park now largely inhabited by children. I kid you not, therer were little screaming children everywhere! Three schools and two daycares in one small area. Plus dogs galore. Had to hose down my boots afterwards, to clean off the dog shit. Yuck.
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The music goes very well with my wallpaper, which is... a lot of stars.

Not so outside my window. Once again I'm glad I have work clothes here at the office, so my civilian clothes can dry out. Sheesh what a lot of rain! Sudden downpours turning into up-splashes.

Now the old "Sherlock Holmes" TV series is finished, and I've turned back to "Green Wing". Haha, so funny! But the Special I watched last night was quite sad at the end, and even less connected to reality than the rest of the show. What should I watch next, then? "Hyperdrive"? The rest of "Nicholas Nickleby" (the old stage production from 1980)? Or something really good, "Secret Army"? These are just a few of the shows I've got waiting by my DVD player!

Or I could read a book.

Or possibly go back to Orust and pet cats.
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Right, so. A while back we visited Barcelona, and boy was that a cool place! Except it was warm and sunny, which we really liked. The site visit to the construction of a highspeed rail tunnel right under the most sensitive parts of the city was pretty cool too -- we were allowed _inside_ a real, working TBM! (That's Tunnel Boring Machine.) Also pretty rock formations in the southern edge of the Pyrenees.

Here are some pictures.


My Mother is home from the hospital again, and I'm not sure she's entirely ready for it. She was home on leave last weekend and that was allright except that she's still weird and it's a bad sign that she keeps watching "Sense and Sensibility" over and over. Then on Monday she was discharged, and today was a bad day again, because of medical mix-ups with the hospital. The slightest thing tips her over the edge. Let's just hope she is well enough to bounce back instead of remaining at the bottom of the pit, as it were.


In Barcelona, five of us bought iPads, because they're cheaper there, and not yet on sale here. Gadgets! Fun! I consider it an early birthday present. And I don't care what computer whizzes say about how useless it is because you can't turn it into a Mighty Morphin' Whatever, I think they're FUN! So there. (You know who you are, no need to point out you don't like iPads.)

And I can easily watch all the "Doctor Who" I want on the bus! And it's a really neat electronic photo frame! Andandand!


I'm watching "Secret Army", one of the best TV shows ever. At least the intro and outro; that and "How The West Was Won" must be the bes ones. Anyway, in ep one, who's in it but Anthony Ainley, beardless! He quite resemble Eric Roberts, actually...


Last night I finally cleared out a lot of stuff from my wardrobe, things I never wear. Three big bags to the charities! Right at the back of the wardrobe I found a beautiful cardigan my Mother knitted in the 80s or 90s. I've just recently been thinking, wouldn't it be nice with a cardigan? Perhaps I should get one. Well! If I had only dug a little farther.... Also I found my Grandmother's shawl which I now wear at work where it's really really chilly. Because of all the wiiiiiiinds, and the raiiiiiiiiiin!

They didn't have winds and rain in Barcelona, *sulk*
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Phantom Limb!

While my parents are currently acting out a Norén play, I keep watching "Edge of Darkness" at home. When I first saw it in the 80s I thought it was brilliant and totally scary. Back then everything nuclear was super-frightening to me, but these days of course we have become inured to the terrors of fallout and mushroom clouds. Still, after half the show it's still pretty good.

But I always thought it had a different theme tune, a vaguely celtic song about a cold sea and a dark dark fisherman -- I must have got it mixed up with some other show around that time, or with a similar theme. Wonder what it was though. Does anyone else remember a theme tune with a line about a cold hand reaching out over the icy sea? From the mid-to-late 80s? Possibly about eco-crime?

And whatever happened to Joe Don Baker?


Jul. 2nd, 2010 08:14 pm
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Soon I will watch "Spartacus", as ordered by lunatic. Yessir! But first some more "Doctor Who" re-watching.... after having finished "The Clone Wars" the series.

I liked it! Especially Anakin, whom they have drawn grim and brooding like he should be, and the voice actor has given him that gung-ho Luke-in-A-New-Hope quality which makes a really nice contrast to his face. And Obi-Wan's actor has chosen to make him completely camp! Think Cosmo Devine in "Invaders From Mars" level of camp. Haha! Move over, Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor interpretations of the character, he will now always be soooo gay to me. *snigger*

The animation is kinda awkward, in that LEXX way where there is amazing things going on technically at the same time as embarrassingly wobbly sets. Like, there are some really interesting alien landscapes, and they do faces quite well, but all the figures walk like they're in some really old video game. Oh, and the droid soldiers are really funny. I want to watch more!
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On Tuesday and Wednesday I was in the woods north of Motala (not Mjölby), looking at rock cuts along the railroad. Nice weather, birdsong, flowers and trees in bloom -- a riot of lilac blossoms in all the gardens. Wonderful!

But being away from the office means there's so much more to do when I get back, stuff that I neglected to do when being out in the forest. Yes I know, it's all work, so how could it be negligence? But that's how it feels when I have to pick up the slack again.

Yesterday one little job I've been dreading a lot for about a week turned out to be a dud. Deploying pre-reinforcement in a rock excavation-to-be, with a very demanding and annoying-sounding builder (think P G Gyllenhammer), for Hogia in Stenungsund; I've worked for them before and they're all pretty annoying. Turns out in person they're quite allright! That's usually the case, isn't it? Face to face communication is so much better. Also, the excavation is simple and requires no pre-reinforcement. I left again after 20min.

Today has been pretty insane with deadline-today CAD work. To top it all, late in the afternoon, when I had finally remade all the drawings for the umpteenth time, we learn that the architects have made last-minute changes to how they want the tunnel to be built. Arrrrrgh!

So now I'm all wonky in the head from doing computer work for ten hours. And what do I do? Turn on the computer! to watch DVDs, at least. Hooray for old detective shows. What I'm watching now is the Waters/Petherbridge version of Harritet Vane/Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries, from 1987 *). The disc is lagging frightfully so I let it cool off a bit writing this, and filling up my glass of wine. I feel completely entitled to a bit of alcohol today, especially since I missed the CC pub night on Tuesday.

Anyway, I've had a soft spot for Edward Petherbridge ever since SVT showed "Nicholas Nickleby" in 1982, and I really liked these Dorothy Sayers mysteries when they showed them. Still pretty good! And if that is not enough, on TV there is now and then the old "Poirot" series with David Suchet, which I also loved when it was on in the early 90s. The architecture! The design! The Suchet acting! It still holds up. But not the new version, I'm talking about the original stories.

When I run out of all that, there is always "The Professionals" to fall back on, or "Bergerac" series 5 which I somehow have missed to purchase. I have s1-4 and s6 but not s5 O_o

*) "Have His Carcase" guest-stars Michael Troughton, Patrick's other actor son


May. 28th, 2010 08:31 am
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More insanity at work, this time with loads of CAD. Makes me go all loopy, flooby even, at the end of the day. On Wednesday, fr'instance, when we had our last-of-the-year Quenya course, I was so tired I had to flee home and watch "The Silurians", with commentaries. Heh, the old guard keep complaining about how the new shows are all too fast-paced, the wall-to-wall music, and the Doctor kissing all his companions. As they said, if you have young, pretty Doctor, and gorgeous assistands, the TARDIS will steam up.

Last night I watched three hours of Carl Sagan's "Cosmos". I haven't seen it since it was broadcast here in 1981 or whenever it was, but I've still got the book and the soundtrack from back then. It was still pretty awesome!

Also yesterday, I had a visit here from L, who supplied us with a studio when we did the extra stuff for the fanfilm (the fanfilm itself was never made). She's making some kind of rock film, about mountains and myths, and wanted to know about geologists. What do we do, and what does it look like? Not easy to show in an hour, but it was quite nice all the same.

more TV

May. 13th, 2010 09:07 pm
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/me braves TV4 and Martin Timell in a show about Swedish history

Oh, Vikings. Apparently it's all about Birka.

TV4, how you are predictable!

/me switches to Doctor Who, at least that is mostly un-annoying
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I've been watching "Black Books" again lately, and laughing out loud at Fran. She's brilliant!

And it struck me that the new "Sherlock Holmes" can be compared to it. Now don't get me wrong, I liked that movie a lot; it just hasn't anything to do with the original Conan Doyle works. Anyway, Robert Downey's Holmes is a lot like Bernard Black with skillz, isn't he? That would make Jude Law into Manny (facial hair and all) and wossername the girl into Fran (she's a lot of fun, that works too). How'bout that, victorian!AU "Black Books"!


And soon there's going to be "Midsomer Murders" in both SVT1 and TV3, at exactly the same time. What are the odds!
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All the snow at Söbben is here translated into thick sheets of ice on the streets. Ew. It's still pretty cold (well below freezing) and clear skies, which promises well for the evening's celebrations. Big fireworks at 1700 (yes I know...) and then -- party time!

Yes, I'm going to a New Year's party again, same place as last year. Amazing! Seems I have acquired a social life after all.


I'm about to tune my brand new ukulele, so I can play on it. Whee.


I happened to watch a show about a small Swedish community this morning, "Plötsligt i Vinslöv". Absolutely fascinating, I couldn't stop watching. It's like real-life Varan-TV and "Änglagård" and all those small-town Sweden fictions that seem completely unrealistic... but turn out to be almost documentary. Wow. I mean, mini-golf enthusiasts, budgie zealots, and general weirdos...

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